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Something Sweet for Silvers…Redondo Beach Senior Clubs

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Hello Sassies! Here is my latest resource for Sassy Silver Seniors — how happy I am to find quite a few places that cater to our lovely Sassy Silvers. Today, I’m covering Redondo Beach…what a great town! I found this resource on – Senior Clubs – how nice. Here they are for easy reference: North Park […]


Something Sweet for Seniors…Central City Hospitality House Expands Services

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How happy I was this weekend–not only did I attend the awesome KPFA Craft Fair in San Francisco and find heaps of treasures (like the taco soaps below), but found excellent news from Central City Hospitality House. Looks like the Sixth Street Self-Help Center at 169 Sixth Street is offering more opportunities for the Sassy […]


Something Sweet for Seniors…Be a Santa to a Senior

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Now that I have my handy dandy Sassy Silver Video up, it’s official…I’m sharing things we can all do to support our Sassy Silver Seniors! I’ll be focusing on the Holiday Season but hope to keep this going throughout the year. Thought it would be nice to share with my 5.2 readers what I find. […]


Tuna Salad…too Sassy for words…

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As you may or may not know, I’ve been on the quest for the most perfect, delicious & sassy tuna sandwich, caesar salad & fish tacos. Why? I don’t know. I will admit I’ve had some WONDERFUL options, but nothing that I would say, “I don’t ever need to have another tuna sandwich, caesar salad, […]


Scrumptious & Sassy Apple Bacon Cheese Snacks – Vegan Style!

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Nothing like a little desperation and a hungry hubby to get kreative in Kristin’s Kitchen! I’ve been substituting apple slices for bread lately to keep my starchy cards at bay (except I LOVE Brasserie Bread and get their bread delivered locally to me so I always have a heavenly loaf on hand). Today’s experiment was a […]


A Blast to look like the past…or my adventures with microdermabrasion

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A gorgeous woman (and new found friend) Amanda, took a chance on me through Twitter and asked me to collaborate with her on an article about microdermabrasion. Here’s the skinny…or you can read it on her blog: Realize Beauty. I loved writing this post as much as I loved meeting her (I actually loved meeting […]


Mamma Mia’s Vegan Taqueria – tacos for two

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Well, Veganuary is almost over and it’s been a blast! I haven’t cooked some of my recipes in a while and LOVED each one. The other night, I cooked one of my best: Vegan Stroganoff – yum yum yum! The tofu/sour cream is divine – this time I put lemon in it. But today – […]


Mashed Potato Time – Fakin’ Bacon-tastic!

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I love Veganuary! Why? It’s always on my mind when I eat PLUS I’m having fun challenging myself to find Veggie meals when I’m on the town. But tonight was a stay at home and cook for the Rohans night. I threw this recipe together quickly – it’s a slight variation of my baked cauliflower […]


A Sweet & Sassy Start to Veganuary…Berry Smoothie…Berry Yummy!

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Happy New Year to my 5 Readers! So super excited to start Veganuary that I had to post a delicious and mega-quickie recipe that will get you off on the right foot. Sweet & Sassy and Berry Yummy Berry Smoothie: Berry Mixture – I used frozen (you can use fresh) berry mix of Strawberries, Blueberries […]


Holy Granola! Another Sweet & Sassy Recipe for Veganuary

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After writing this blog for about 4 years now, I’ve discovered a lot about myself…I love to eat! I also like to share. So it is with the spirit of both of those, that I present to you my super secret but scrumptious Granola – to prepare for Veganuary – HORRAY! This is my Pop’s […]


Merry Kristin Part 2 – On the 13th Day of Christmas, Sydney gave to me – The Winery in Surry Hills

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Whew, that was quick, I know – but I’m back with more lovely girlie fun! Like I said in my last post “Merry Kristin – on the 12th Day of Christmas”, I adore Sydney, champagne and pretty places – I seem to have found a few – yesterday’s hero was Madame Fling Flong in Newtown. […]


Merry Kristin! On the 12th Day of Christmas, Sydney gave to me…Madame Fling Flong in Newtown

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Christmas is here again and I’m picking up my posts almost to the day I dropped them off last year – meant to be?? I think so. (Well, actually – it was a little encouragement from my friend, Andrew Blanda – thanks Andrew!) If you recall (or maybe you don’t since I only had 1 […]


In Celebration of Veganuary, Something Sweet & Sassy Chili!

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A cool bloke I know, Mal (@Afficionados_HH and purveyor of fine wallpaper & fabric – has inspired me to participate in Veganuary! I do the “Vegan-essque” thing now — 3/4 Vegan — because the food is so magnificently delicious in Australia and Meat/Cheese seems to be sprinkled like yummy fairy dust into most dishes, […]


A Global Voice for Women – Sydney Fundraising Luncheon for Soroptimist International

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I’m pleased and proud to be part of this organisation – Soroptimist International ( — a Global Voice for Women. Soroptimist International is a world wide organisation for women working through service projects to advance human rights and the status of women. The Sydney Chapter is holding a luncheon in October. Please consider attending – […]


One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato…and some Baked Cauliflower Casserole (it’s Vegan, too)

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I can’t believe I haven’t shared shared THIS yummy creation with you, my 3 readers, before now! I’m sure you’ve been wondering around, pondering why your life is missing something…in a haze, in a daze, in a box, with a fox…but I digress. SO – once and for all, here is the ground-breaking (get it? […]


Mucho Gusto Kristina Maria (that’s me) Margarita Pie!

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I’m sure you get the feeling all I do is eat…well, you are right. I love to eat…and cook…and eat my own cooking… So my latest concoction is a delicious Kristina Maria (that’s me) Margarita Pie – I made it Vegan free without any booze. I first got the inspiration here: Weight Watchers Margarita Pie. […]


Delicious & Delectable Pad Thai – oh so sweet & sassy!

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I know, I know – you are all jealous of my motivation and krazy kooking talents…but don’t fret! I’m still the lazy, krackerjack kueen of the kitchen – and here’s one for the road… Pad Thai Stir fry veggies in olive oil: broccoli cabbage carrots spring onions, etc. Cook noodles – I like mung bean […]


Sweet & Sassy Veggie Udon from Scratch – Udonly Delicious…

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Yes, there’s more! I really don’t know how I had so much energy but I kept going and going and going…I think this was one of the weekend’s highlights. Veggie Udon Inspired by Homemade Chinese Soups(an awesome site!), I added a little bit of Kristin Krazy to make this masterpiece. Stir fry the following for […]


Kristin’s Universal Famous Veggie Soup

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Okay – so maybe it’s not Universally Famous, but it sure is wicked white hot yummy and healthy! I try to keep a pot of this in the fridge every week for easy lunches – the secret is using taco spice – it keeps my Mexican Food withdrawals at bay! Soak red lentils overnight. Add […]


Something Sweet & Sassy Salmon & Seaweed Appe-teasers

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Can you see I’m on a roll?!!! So then I decided to clean out the cupboards and I found some canned salmon that I was going to eat for lunch when I started “The Great Australian Diet” but never did. I created a super easy recipe that is surprisingly yummy (to me – my hubba […]


Pesto Madness – it’s pesto, it’s madness!

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Welcome back to Kristin Krazy Kooking Adventures, Part 2! After the delicious Sassy & Sweet Potato Wedges, I decided to try a new recipe: Pesto Madness! It’s vegan, it’s delicious, and it’s so very simple… Basil – cut up in very small pieces Olive Oil Garlic Pine Nuts Lemon Juice Dash of Pepper Blend ingredients […]


Sassy & Sweet Potato Wedges – so easy, so yummy!

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Batten down the hatches, Kristin is on a Krazy KooKing esKapade! I don’t know what has gotten into me (maybe the extra energy from being on holiday), but I’ve whipped up a frenzy in the Kitchen. I started with these little dittys: Sassy & Sweet Potato Wedges: Cut up sweet potatoes (with or without skins) […]


Super Sweet & Sassy Prawn Spring Rolls – Easy Peasy!

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It’s official – I have a new recipe. Whhheeeee! I’m happy to say, I’m now a stay-at-home-marketing-&-media-wife-excited-to-try-some-new-recipes-for-my-hot-husband! But that’s another story… Here’s the latest – it’s so easy, I don’t feel right about publishing – but since it was so darn yummy, I will share it with you (on this the blog that only 2 […]


Pumpkin Vegan Lasagne for my Little Pumpkin

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I’m on fire (no alarm needed this time)! I invented something definitely sweet and absolutely sassy for my loving and very hungry husband. I created it in honour of one of the best local takeaway spots, the Lizzie Bay Gourmet. They make the most super duper double delish Pumpkin and Ricotta lasagne. I drool just […]


Two Alarm Sweet (& Sassy) Potato Veggie Burgers

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I’ll just start by saying, this is quite yummy – I’ve done it again, if I do say so myself! But since I’m one of the only ones that reads this, I can say as many wonderful things about me that I like. I call this little ditty “two alarm” because I set off the […]


If Broccoli could be Sweet & Sassy, this would be the Recipe…ode to Aunt Toni!

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You must think all I do is eat – well, you are right! I love to eat, but I love to cook even more. And I especially like to share my easy vege-arian (ala South Park), re-invented creations with you – my 2 fans (hey mum — and Jane, too – if you are out […]


Sweet & Sassy Stroganoff – Ancient Vegan Secret!

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Yum Yum Yum! I made another tasty treat – Vegan Stroganoff – I’ll keep this short because I want seconds. To top that off, it’s so easy, you can make it in minutes… And because it’s healthy, I can have all I want…so there! Kristin’s Sweet & Sassy Stroganoff: Vegan Mince (I use the delicious […]


A Sweet & Sassy Service —

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I had yet another grand adventure last week – good for me! I had a new biz pitch in Port Kembla – and didn’t realize how far it was from my berth. It was far. I don’t drive. A taxi would have been $323 one way. Not good. So I called my friends at […]


Tasty Tabouleh & Pumpkin Capsicum Couscous – very Sweet & absolutely Sassy!

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More yum for my tum…and Rob’s too! Once I get going in the kitchen, I can’t stop! Especially now that I have my Magic Bullet ( the most incredible appliance ever – at least for cooking… So today, trusty reader and 9000 bots, you get 2 – yes two – recipes. It’s Lent and I’m […]


A Break from Sweet and Sassy Sydney Advent for Very Vegan(ish) Nachos!

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YYYOOOOOHHHHHOOOOO! I’m back again for a quick smattering of me! I know, I know – I’m lagging – again – and I’m sure I’ve disappointed my one reader and 8200 bot engines who hit my site on a regular basis. So – here’s my new recipe. WHOOPPIIIDDDIIDDOOO! But first, a lifestory…. While my husband and […]


On the 11th Day of Advent, Sydney gave to me…Ch-Ch-Ch-Chinatown

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Ni Hao! I’m still chugging along here not wanting to disappoint my loyal reader (thanks, hubba hubbie!). I’m enjoying Advent and really thinking about what I appreciate about being in Sydney. A LOT. But our lives here would not be possible without one thing. This is has helped us survive in Sydney. Without it, we’d […]


On the 10th day of Advent, Sydney gave to me…scads of cool free treasures on every curb

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So…after we moved into our awesome pad, I noticed some strange happenings in the hood. People abandon good treasures! They leave them out for all to procure. And, being frugal like I am, and loving to recycle and reuse, I found this to be the most magnificent of gifts! I’ve seen couches, barbeques, shelves, photo […]


On the 9th day of Advent Sydney gave to me…an Easy Aussie Move to our Apartment

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I will break from what is becoming quite a gallery of glittery snaps to bring you some straight scoop. I had a lot to do to get us ready to come here. It was lofty, to pack it up and ship us out in under a month. We laughed, we cried, we a lot of […]


On the 8th Day of Advent, Sydney gave to me…Afternoon Tea at the Chinese Garden of Friendship

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Doesn’t that just sound like a grand place to visit??!! Well it is, and so much more. After a harried day in the city, I was on my way to a full-blown anxiety attack. My hubba hubbie lovingly and gently guided me to the Chinese Garden of Friendship. It was the most serene place I’ve […]


On the 7th day of Advent, Sydney gave to me…a Christmas Cave Story

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I’ll be honest…I don’t get too over-the-top about Christmas. I love the actual holiday and what it means, and I love my family, but I don’t skip around playing holiday carols, waving candy canes in the air and wearing reindeer sweaters. But I’ve a visited a place that could convert me…THE CHRISTMAS CAVE! It claims […]


On the 6th day of Advent, Sydney gave to me…a trip to Parkes and the Old Parks Convent

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So…I got to see a little of the inland country. I was hired to train Lachlan Catchment Management Authority and I had a wonderful experience! It was a quaint, friendly and totally lovely trip. I can’t wait to return. Here is the view from my tiny plane… And a pic of the airport – isn’t […]


On the 5th day of Advent, Sydney gave to me…Beaches, Bays and Babes(well, just me)

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I love the water – specifically, I love the ocean. It’s my favourite place to be – it’s my inspiration, my center, my home. So when my hubba hubbie asked me if I wanted to move to Sydney, I said, “Heck yes!” Where else in the world could be live to be near so much […]


On the 4th day of Advent, Sydney gave to me…Christmas in Summer

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I love Summer and I love my birthday and I love Christmas – but they haven’t ever coincided with each other…until now! Because of the different seasons in Oz, my birthday and Christmas are in Summer – how cool is that? I love that Santa is wears swim trunks and palm trees are decorated with […]


On the third day of Advent, Sydney gave to me….Fabulous Ferries

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I took my first trip on a Sydney Ferry last weekend and it was AMAZING! Here is are a few pics from my trip on the way to Manly Beach (for an awesome Thanksgiving Party – shout to Becky Reining). The trip on the ferry was the best part – the party was grand – […]


On the Second day of Advent, Sydney gave to me…St. Canice in Elizabeth Bay

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Halleluiah – I’m blogging again! Isn’t that what you are saying right now?! You know what I have to say to that? Thanks, Mum! So, it’s Day 2 of my Expose’ and today’s Advent pressie is…St. Canice Church in Elizabeth Bay. I discovered this beautiful treasure my first week in town. It’s a charming place […]


I’m dreaming of a Sweet & Sassy Sydney Christmas – and dreaming of Daemon and FarCry

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Yoooooohoooooo, loyal reader…I’m back – isn’t it just marvelous?! It must be the hot holiday spirit sweeping through me. Or the holiday spirits (I do love my bubbles)! It our first Christmas in Oz, and in anticipation, I’ve created a Sweet & Sassy Sydney Advent Calendar. I’ll unwrap a little gift of Oz each day […]


Something Sweet & Sassy for ME – a flirty apron from Marni in OK

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Horray for Kristin – I got my apron! Well, Mumsy received it for me and it is AMAZING and it’s all for me me me me memememememeeeemememe! Thanks, Marni – I don’t have the package yet but I will be dreaming of my absolutely fabulous holiday apron. I’m picturing myself wearing it and enjoying champagne […]


Sweet & Sassy – Live from Sydney!

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Yes, I’m back. It’s been a long time and many things have happened – but the short story is we now live in Sydney – Mr. & Ms. Boring are now living in the coolest spot we could ever imagine – thank you Daemon ( and So for all my reader who was awaiting […]


Sharing a Sweet & Sassy Site –

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So – because I don’t have enough to do, I decided to join a flirty apron swap – how fun does that sound?! Here’s the link to this fabulous site: I make an apron and send it to someone sweet & sassy, then I get a super special apron sent to me. I can’t […]

Read More... – Keeping aBREAST of Sweet & Sassy Events in Santa Cruz

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Hello Loyal Friends & Readers! I have news – I joined Soroptimist International Capitola-by-the-Sea! It means “best for women” in latin and it’s an awesome organization that supports women and girls. We are having a super sweet & sassy fundraiser and GALA EVENT on May 31, 2008 at 4pm at: 1st Congregational Church Hall 900 […]


The Crafter’s Studio – a new adventure!

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Hello everyone – we are taking a commercial break from all those who are Sweet & Sassy to tell you some exciting news… friend Rebecca has opened The Crafter’s Studio in Santa Cruz – here is the link: There will be classes for you to learn all different crafts. I’m teaching a few classes […]


A Novel Book Club Recommendation from Carol

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I met the coolest chick a few years ago – Carol – who LOVES to read, like me! She is Sonya’s friend (everyone knows Sonya but, if you dont – click here: – she is Lady S the second). Anyhoo – Carol gave me some awesome recommendations – Thanks, Carol – Okay, go to […]


it’s a very vegan lasagna

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my hubba hubby is a vegan – and this is a good thing because we are trying all kinds of new foods and recipes. so here’s the most delicious vegan lasagne recipe EVER! wheat noodles – cook per directions veggie ground – cook and mix in: tomato sauce olives mushrooms basil food process silken tofu, […]


a truly authentic and novel (haha) book club

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yes, i’m back – can you believe it? i didn’t even finish the 12 days of christmas yet – sheesh – but now that i have a new blog on my very own web site, i thought i would post some interesting info that would only appeal to me – well, this blog is […]


And now something completely different – MAX 2006

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Go to MAX 2006 – it’s sexy….. Merry Christmas!


Put another Laptop on the Barbi……

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On the 2nd Day of March….my true love gave to me…..registration at WebDU…… As a side dish to my most inspiring and enjoyable holiday blarg, I have to tell you all of my adventures. Hold on to your hats and glasses and away we go! So here I am at WebDU ( – why? I […]