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Success Is Who You Are…Sharing Secrets of Real Beauty

Posted on January 2, 2015 in the Sassy Secrets category

“Success is who you are…not what you do or have…”

The never-ending ladder of success…I climbed and pushed and prodded and never reached the top of where others expected or “motivated” me. In reality, I felt angry, unsatisfied and empty. I felt like a failure. I was looking for a title, a promotion, and recognition that was never going to happen.

But funny thing…I was growing, achieving, connecting, collaborating, dreaming, and helping others.

How could I NOT feel like a success, right?! When I recognized how it felt to grow, achieve, connect, collaborate, dream and help — I felt amazing and was proud of who I became.

Did I cure cancer? Did I climb Kilimanjaro? Did I solve a rubic’s cube? No, but I sure realized that I was already a success because of who I was, not my title or the kind of car I drove (which is funny because I do not have a car at the moment - whoopsie!).

Now that I’ve started with Arbonne, I already feel successful because of my experience and my skills, but also because I’m using my most favorite qualities to build a strong business, connect with and help other strong, amazing people.


Sassy Secret #6: What are your top 5 qualities? What skills and knowledge do you have that you use everyday? Poof! Be proud, you’re a success!!!

And if you want to be wildly successful, have more choices and build your own fantastic life, drop a line……I’m here to empower you to live your dreams…learn more about what I’m doing and how I can help your amazing self.


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