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Sassy Secrets to Super Swanky Travel – Arbonne Beauty Stories

Posted on May 12, 2015 in the Arbonne Beauty Stories category

The Sassy Assassin LOVES to hop from place to place hosting parties and connecting with my amazing friends…and I don’t like to miss a minute of fun!

Lucky for me, I don’t have to…or compromise my health. I can land, look and feel fabulous and get the party started.

I’ve now tested my sassy system more than 6 times with success. I love to share my secrets so here they are…

Now you know I am an Independent Consultant for Arbonne…so this may seem like a commercial. It is! I used the products for a year before I became involved…and I became involved because they worked. There’s something to be said about using pure, safe and beneficial products on and in our bodies…I’m living proof!

And all these products fit in a carry-on bag so you can look marvelous as you strut to your destination…very important!

I pack:

For an excursion to Australia, I pack about 5 baggies of shakes, 7 – 10 Digestion Plus, 5-7 Detox Teas, 5 – 7 Fizz Sticks, about 5 Nutrition Bars and 10+ Chews, a few Complete Hydrations…for each way.

One – two days before travel:
1 Immunity Booster in the morning each day, depending on the weather and how I’m feeling.

Day of Travel:
I take Immunity Booster in the morning.

Once I get on the plane, I start to hydrate. I don’t drink coffee on the plane. I combine a Detox Tea with a Fizz Stick for energy and have a black tea with breakfast.

I do eat the plane food – Virgin Australia has amazing Vegan Meals – I stay away from the bread (last time they served a rice cake – yeah!) and I don’t have the mid-flight snack.

Every few hours if I’m awake (and I usually am), I’ll have a shake, a bar and/or a few chews. This satisfies my hunger and my sweet tooth. I especially LOVE Virgin Australia because they have a water dispenser and I know where to find the hot water – YEAH!

Sassy Secret: Stay away from the salty snacks on the plane or the sugary carbonated drinks and drinks HEAPS of water – the airline wants to keep you from using the toilet so much. You want to use the toilet so you land and can adapt to your environment and not feel sick or bloated.

About 1-2 hours before the plan lands, I wash my face with Advanced RE9 travel sizes and re-apply deodorant (Arbonne offers deodorant), brush teeth with toothpaste, re-apply makeup and change my top to get a fresh start at my new adventurous destination.

Once I arrive at my destination, I take a nap – I let myself sleep for an hour or two. If you arrive in the morning, this works super well. I also have another Immunity Booster when I land.

At that point I may be a little groggy so another Fizz Stick helps to keep me awake and not overly tired until 9 or 10p. The point is to stay up until my regular bedtime yet not be so exhausted you don’t have a restful sleep. If I sleep too hard or too long the first night, I’m super groggy the next day.

It’s my experience (everyone is different and this works for me), that I’m not jet-lagged the 2nd day. I’m already on my regular sleep schedule and have adapted to my new destination.

Since the Arbonne products are healthy and natural – and I stay hydrated — the effects of traveling are reduced significantly.

I have other tips like ordering a vegan meal, bringing a travel pillow, headphones, warm socks and headphones, too! I also sit in the back on the aisle so I get extra air and I don’t bother anyone going to the bathroom.

Another bonus of ordering a vegan meal (besides being delicious on VA) is I’m served first so I eat my breakfast and use the bathroom while everyone is eating – WIN!

This also seems to work whether I get a lot of sleep on the plane or not…I’m learning to sleep more so that just helps. I can also have a glass of wine or 2 on the plane and still stay hydrated, relaxed and happy.

If this seems preachy, I’ll let you in on another secret…I used to travel with a HUGE bag of snacks…popcorn, corn nuts, pretzyls, pistachios, seaweed, whatever! I seemed to be afraid I would starve…so I’m a recovering travel snack hoarder thanks to Arbonne. And I’ve lost weight and feel so much better. HUZZAH!

What are your travel secrets?!

Now away you go…Happy Trails!!!

** NB. These links go to the US Store – if you are in AU or another country, go to and choose your country. Some products may not be available in all locations.


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