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Something Green & Sassy…Kristin’s Kocktail #1

Posted on November 5, 2011 in the Real Sassy Recipes category

As it turns out, I’ve stumbled into a change in my lifestyle…in ways unimagined. Now call myself the
“Accidental Athlete” as I’ve discovered (and love) kickboxing and aikido (I find this hilarious). I’ve also gone back to Weight Watchers — huzzah for points!

Why? I don’t quite know but it feels good — so I’ll go with that.

I’ve been working with The Goodness Company so have been doing heaps of research on raw eating, natural detox, green foods, etc and was curious to try drinking green smoothies in the morning since it seems to be the “thing-du-jour” these days.


Here’s my first “kocktail” — I’m going to experiment and share just in case no one believes that I’m going from skulking &  sauntering, to a stronger, hopefully slimmer & even sweeter Sassy Assassin.

Away we go — Something Green & Sassy: Kristin’s Kocktail #1:

In the amazing Magic Bullet (all the best recipes start here!) blend:

Romaine Lettuce
1 Green Pear
1/2 Banana (not green but yummy & healthy)
Lemon Juice
A bit of Water to help blend

So easy…so delicious. And only 1.5 points on the old Weight Watchers program. YEAH!!! I’ll let you know if it keeps me full & satisfied.

Yikes…Who have I become?

Cheers, lovelies!



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