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Mamma Mia’s Vegan Taqueria – tacos for two

Posted on January 30, 2010 in the Uncategorized category

Well, Veganuary is almost over and it’s been a blast! I haven’t cooked some of my recipes in a while and LOVED each one.

The other night, I cooked one of my best: Vegan Stroganoff – yum yum yum! The tofu/sour cream is divine – this time I put lemon in it.

But today – to mark the end (almost) of such a great month, I cooked Vegan Tacos. I love tacos – I especially love them because my mum is the Taco Queen. She’s been cooking them since I was born so they will always be special to me.

So I vegan-ed the recipe and I’m pleased to share:

You can use pre-made but I don’t. I fry Corn Tortillas in extremely hot Olive Oil – watch your fingers. Let dry on paper towels.

Vegan Meat – my new favourite it from Vegie Delights canned Casserole Mince. It’s in the Health Food section of Coles.

Kidney Beans – I used the mexican chili flavoured ones today but you can use Taco Seasoning, too. I added some extra Enchilada Sauce, too.

Vegan Cheese – the Low Chol Soy Bean Cheese from Kemeny’s in Bondi is superb.

Spring Onion

Avocado Cream Sause – I used the leftover tofu sour cream from Stroganoff (above) and added Avocado – basically it’s tofu, lemon, garlic, avo & cumin – blend until smooth.

You can add other onions (Mum LOVES onions), lettuce & tomato, olives, etc.

Isn’t the picture divine? It tasted even better. Rob agreed – he had a heap of them.

I’m sad to see Veganuary end, but I shall continue to create vegan meals and share. I love cooking vegan even if I don’t eat 100% vegan. It makes home life easy & healthy.

Adios & Via Con Comida,
Senorita Rohan


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