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On the 5th day of Advent, Sydney gave to me…Beaches, Bays and Babes(well, just me)

Posted on December 6, 2008 in the Uncategorized category

I love the water – specifically, I love the ocean. It’s my favourite place to be – it’s my inspiration, my center, my home. So when my hubba hubbie asked me if I wanted to move to Sydney, I said, “Heck yes!”

Where else in the world could be live to be near so much water than Sydney? I knew no matter where we lived, it would be by the water – as you avid reader saw from my ferry post a few days ago.

We live on one of the many lovely bays in Sydney – here’s an opening shot of the bay:

I have no complaints.

But then we visited Bondi Beach – let me just say – totally incredible! I guess you can just see here..

And just so there’s proof that I’m actually in Sydney – here is me at one of my happiest moments…this place rocks!

Here’s the closest beach to us – it’s small but it’s ours. Life is pretty good…

I’ve never felt so alive and connected to nature. I’ve said before, I’ve lived near the water in some incredible towns. But this one takes the cake – and here’s a picture of some cake – my workmate made it – isn’t it fabulous?!


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