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A Very Merry Birthday – Carol is Sweet & Sassy Today!

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Happy Holidays to my 5 readers! I have a special post today. It is my Aunt Carol’s birthday & I want you all to know it. I wrote this chapter a few years ago and never posted it – a true shame to be sure – but I’m resurrecting it (with a few updates) and […]


A Sweet & Sassy Send-off…The Story of Papa O

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It is a sad day in Capitola. We are saying good-bye to one of the most fabulous restaurants in the village – Papa O’s After two years of serving the most incredible food, creating the most intimate atmosphere, offering the best dining entertainment and treating everyone like family, Papa O and Cheryl are closing […]


The Crafter’s Studio – a new adventure!

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Hello everyone – we are taking a commercial break from all those who are Sweet & Sassy to tell you some exciting news… friend Rebecca has opened The Crafter’s Studio in Santa Cruz – here is the link: There will be classes for you to learn all different crafts. I’m teaching a few classes […]


Everything is Rosie – A Sweet & Sassy Happy Birthday!

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Happy Holidays, loyal readers – I’m thrilled to introduce you to a dear friend of mine, Rosie. But before I do, here’s an overview to my book: Real Beauty Book Overview. Enjoy! Now without further adieu…. Rosie is beautiful because she is…..SUPPORTIVE & a GOOD LISTENER. She always asks everyone what is happening in their […]