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A Sweet & Sassy Send-off…The Story of Papa O

Posted on December 22, 2007 in the Real Beauty category

It is a sad day in Capitola. We are saying good-bye to one of the most fabulous restaurants in the village – Papa O’s After two years of serving the most incredible food, creating the most intimate atmosphere, offering the best dining entertainment and treating everyone like family, Papa O and Cheryl are closing their doors and heading off into sunset.

I am heartbroken – I’ll start with that. This is my favorite restaurant. And Cheryl and Papa are the most gracious hosts who belt out a rousing “New York, New York” that leaves my heart happy and my soul refreshed. I’ve not had an experience at a restaurant EVER and if you missed going to this piece of heaven, I’m sorry for you.

I’ll start with the Eggplant Parmesan – it’s to die for. It melts on my mouth and sends me to the moon. The Huevos Rancheros is a pleasant surprise – filled to the rim with yummyness. The Tomato Basil Soup is nector from the gods and whatever the special Poblano Chile Mexican soup they served on December 15th was like transcending into another orbit – it was THE BEST soup I ever experienced.

Why am I writing now? Well, it’s a sad shame to see this place go away. It sits three houses down from us and I’ve not met a nicer, more giving, energetic, charismatic, genuine and happy couple that Papa O and Cheryl. I’ve appreciated the super times we’ve had and I want my 5 readers to know it.

And who knew that a place that people stand in line down the block to get in to eat the most excellent meal they ever have (until they visit again) from a crew of friendly and gracious people you feel related to after your meal WOULD CLOSE!?! The extra kicker is the accordian player – who always played my favorites Jesu Joy of Man’s Desire and The Girl from Ipanema – it just doesn’t get any better.

But I’m grateful we were able to experience nirvana dining from Cheryl and Papa. The day I met them in person was like meeting two movie stars. I was so tickled to meet such nice people whom I had seen (and heard great things of) in the paper, around town, and in Nob Hill Foods at 6am. Everyone talks of them with such warmth and admiration.

Okay – my last gush – my birthday was last week. We went to dinner at Papa O’s. They remembered it was my special day and treated me like a queen. I loved it – but it did not compare to the elation and pure joy I felt when Papa O sang me Happy Birthday over the most sinful Chocolate Cake! I didn’t know I could smile from the inside out – I’m sure I looked like a goof, but it was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Thank you.

Thanks, Papa and Cheryl, for giving Capitola the finest example of what restaurant dining should be. You have touched my life (and my stomach) with your gifts of food, generosity, and friendship. Capitola is a better place because of Papa O’s and I’m a better (a little tubbier, but a lot happier) person, too. We will miss you but, wish you laughter, fun and happy times.



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