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A Very Sweet & Sassy Retirement to my 3rd Grade Teacher, Mrs. Kidwell

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If you know me (and I know you do, because my 2 website visitors are my mum and mum-in-law), you know I LOVE to read. And I don’t mean LOVE – I mean LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEEE to read. I’d be filthy rich if I was paid to read books – any books – and food labels, cereal […]


Never too late for New Year’s Resolutions…(spoiler alert – may contain traces of nuts, warm fuzzies & touchy feelies!)

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So there I was, lying in bed thinking about how incredibly beautiful the Air Supply concert was at the Sydney Opera House last night. I was extremely touched by how excited the crowd was – everyone sang and danced and reminisced about their Air Supply music memories. It was truly moving. I’m grateful I experienced […]


A Sad but Sweet & Sassy Sendoff – Adios Bob!

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It’s not always sunny here at Something Sweet & Sassy. Sometimes it’s somber, sometimes is sad, sometimes it is just plain sucky. This past week it has been all three…..But I want to tell the tale of a wicked cool cat who touched my life and shared two of my favorite indulgences — books and […]


Valentine Hit & Run – Ode to my Sweet & Sassy Husband

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Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! I wrote a Golden Poem for my fabulous hubbie – I submitted it to a poem contest, but, since I haven’t heard anything, I don’t think we won – too bad – I can’t imagine another poem better than one about Rob. I’m sure you will agree. We had a […]


Happy Anniversary to the Sweet and Sassy Couple of the Month – and my life….To Ginger & Ed!

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Cheers Folks – it’s my parent’s 44th Anniversary today and I think that deserves a post, a drink, a toast and a pizza (that’s my favorite food). I’ve written about my mumsy and pops before but not together as a super couple – like Luke & Laura, Bo & Hope, Roman & Marlena, Trixie and […]


On the 11th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

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11 Pipers Piping….. Okay, okay – I’m finally on my last day of Christmas. I know there are 12 days of Christmas but I seemed to have gotten confused (easy, I know) and wrote 12 when I thought it was 10 – blah, blah, blah – can you tell me you know the days of […]


The lords are still leaping…..

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Oh, i’m back all right – I’m sure my 2 fans are ecstatic (thanks mom and Rob) – I may have a 3rd fan, but I don’t want to count my chickens – besides this blog is about leaping lords, not chickens. So when I left off a hundred years ago, I was bragging about […]


On the 10th Day of Christmas

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My true love gave to me…Ten Lords a Leaping Hold on to your hats and glasses, I’m switching gears. I blab on and on about how wonderful women are. And I believe it. I believe women are goddesses – the absolute beauty of this world. This does not mean I hate men – it’s the […]


More 9th Day Madness

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Isn’t it always after you say something that you think of more/better stuff to say? Well, that’s the story today – I have more…big surprise, I know. So…as I continue to ponder the 9 Ladies Dancing thing, it reminds me of how much I LOVE musicals. I think they are the best kind of movies. […]


On the REAL Ninth Day of Christmas…

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My true love gave to me…9 Ladies Dancing Since I already talked about dancing a few days(months ago) – see Swans a Swimming – I want to double-say how much I love to dance. It’s really an expression of myself. And I think it has been hard for me to express myself most of my […]

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