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Something Sweet for Seniors…Central City Hospitality House Expands Services

Posted on December 11, 2011 in the Uncategorized category

How happy I was this weekend–not only did I attend the awesome KPFA Craft Fair in San Francisco and find heaps of treasures (like the taco soaps below), but found excellent news from Central City Hospitality House.

Looks like the Sixth Street Self-Help Center at 169 Sixth Street is offering more opportunities for the Sassy Seniors of SF. Since San Francisco has a high percentage of seniors (14.6%), thus is great news. More Bingo for everyone!

Here’s the scoop:

They also had these cards for sale created by participants in their art program to benefit homeless and low income folks. Win win win!

Well done SF–thanks for making silver living safer and more fun. The Sassy Assassin approves!

And here are my taco soaps…


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