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Merry Kristin Part 2 – On the 13th Day of Christmas, Sydney gave to me – The Winery in Surry Hills

Posted on December 13, 2009 in the Uncategorized category

Whew, that was quick, I know – but I’m back with more lovely girlie fun!

Like I said in my last post “Merry Kristin – on the 12th Day of Christmas”, I adore Sydney, champagne and pretty places – I seem to have found a few – yesterday’s hero was Madame Fling Flong in Newtown. Today it’s all about luxurious, delicious, dripping with lushness & femininity — The Winery in Surry Hills.

If you follow me on Twitter @KristinRohan, you know I co-host a snappy little shindig each Friday – “Champagne Fridays” – my pal, Oliver Palmer and I cooked it up so we could get together and toast well, ourselves. It’s grand and I love exploring new places to drink champagne in Surry Hills each week.

One such week, David Soul (an executive member of ChampagneFridays) suggested The Winery. Needless to say, it was LOVE at first site for me. Are you surprised?


I know!

It’s too bad we had just moved or I would have brought my suitcases straight here and never left the joint.

Here’s the unbelievable ceiling – a close-up of indulgence:


I came. I saw. I drank champagne. I fell in love. I thanked the heavens for Sydney, good friends and great times.

Here’s one more shot just so you can appreciate how breathtaking & fabulous this place is…


Okay, okay – just ONE more – guess where I’m going next week?!


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