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Mucho Gusto Kristina Maria (that’s me) Margarita Pie!

Posted on July 26, 2009 in the Uncategorized category

I’m sure you get the feeling all I do is eat…well, you are right. I love to eat…and cook…and eat my own cooking…

So my latest concoction is a delicious Kristina Maria (that’s me) Margarita Pie – I made it Vegan free without any booze.

I first got the inspiration here: Weight Watchers Margarita Pie. I love Weight Watchers & attribute my healthy and fancy cooking skills to them.

Here’s the scoop:
Put a bag of pretzyls in the Magic Bullet.

Once pretzyls have been mashed, add sugar (I use Organic Raw Sugar)

Add 2 TBS of butter ( I use vegan butter, but you can use whatever your heart desires).

I added about a cup of Margarita Mix (you can use Sweet & Sour Mix or limeade or lemon/lime juice with a bit of sugar. Blend until the mixture is a little wet.

Put in pie pan, smooth with fork or fingers (I like to play with my food) and bake at 375 (or 200 in Oz) for about 5 – 7 minutes. After it cooks, put in fridge for about 10 – 15 minutes.

While that is cooking, put a carton of soy vanilla ice cream – I love So Good – (as an aside THANKS FOR PUTTING SO GOOD IN THE OZ MARKETS!) – where was I…..

Oh, put a carton of So Good Vanilla ice cream in the Magic Bullet (I have the blender attachment and it rocks) and add about a cup of Margarita Mix – blend to taste.

Put blender in freezer or fridge to chill while crust is cooling.

Once crust is cool, add blended yummy mixture and freeze until hard.

As I got to this last step, I realized that I just made Key Lime Pie…typical kooky Kristin – but since I used Margarita Mix, it’s Kristina Margarita Pie – that’s my story, thank you very much.

NOW – and here’s where it gets REALLY exciting – you can add tequila and triple sec/curacao to the ice cream if you truly want a buzz.

I tried it yesterday and it was very nice – it was different, unusual…(my latest love is Aus Kath & Kim. I wonder if Kath would serve this pie to her “hunk of spunk”. Regardless, Kristina Maria Margarita Pie will make you feel like a hundred bucks.



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