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Super Sweet & Sassy Prawn Spring Rolls – Easy Peasy!

Posted on July 8, 2009 in the Uncategorized category

It’s official – I have a new recipe. Whhheeeee!

I’m happy to say, I’m now a stay-at-home-marketing-&-media-wife-excited-to-try-some-new-recipes-for-my-hot-husband! But that’s another story…

Here’s the latest – it’s so easy, I don’t feel right about publishing – but since it was so darn yummy, I will share it with you (on this the blog that only 2 people read!):

Sweet & Sassy Prawn Spring Rolls:

Prawns (of course) – fresh or frozen – both are delish!
Bean Sprouts
Spring Onions

or you can use stir fry or cole slaw pre-packaged mix (I confess, I did – which makes it so easy!)

Rice paper Wrappers – you soak in water for about 30 seconds and then put on clean tea towel – it wasn’t as hard as it seams but it takes practice. They seem delicate but are pretty hearty. Go to it because it is worth it.

Dipping Sauce:
peanut butter – I like chunky
soy sauce
lime juice

Mix to taste – heavy on the peanut butter – pretty fantastic & enjoyable.

On the wet rice paper, put the veggies and prawns – roll up like a burrito – or like a spring roll (heehee) and let sit for a few minutes. Dip in sauce and have a hoot!

More to come – I think I will have to share my secret pad thai recipe with you soon….stay tuned – do do do be do be do…



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  1. Claudia Barrett on July 8th, 2009 5:29 pm

    Yummmmmm-O! I’m salivating!! I can “taste” the sauce!! I’m trying them this weekend, sounds far easier than the recipe I have.

    Keep ‘um comin’! Hope you’re doing great Sweetie.

    Take care~Hugs~


    PS..Make that 3 loyal followers :)

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