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Pumpkin Vegan Lasagne for my Little Pumpkin

Posted on June 8, 2009 in the Uncategorized category

I’m on fire (no alarm needed this time)! I invented something definitely sweet and absolutely sassy for my loving and very hungry husband.

I created it in honour of one of the best local takeaway spots, the Lizzie Bay Gourmet. They make the most super duper double delish Pumpkin and Ricotta lasagne. I drool just thinking about it!

I try to take all my most favourite dining out delights, make them at home and veganise them. It works pretty well, especially if we eat in the dark with lots of red wine. Okay, I’m kind of kidding – but I make pretty good healthy substitutes.

This one turned out pretty decently. It was better the second day (after the flavour set in) and my little pumpkin ate it all.

Here’s what you do:

Bake pumpkin (there’s no canned pumpkin in Australia – so I now cook pumpkin long hand – just cut up and bake in the oven until tender). You need at least a cup – I added veggie mince to give it texture and bulk.

For the “ricotta cheese” – I magic bulleted 1.5 containers of tofu, lemon juice, lots of garlic and fresh basil (plus added italian herbs). It’s better than you imagine.

I layered lasagne noodles (you don’t have to cook them as they soften and cook as they bake – I use wheat noodles with no egg added), pumpkin mix, vegan cheese (I like the garden herb flavour from “Simply Better Foods“. It’s kind of soft but I slice it as think as I can), and ricotta mix. I sprinkled fresh basil on the top and baked until the noodles are soft.

Now, I’ll be honest – it’s not Lizzie Bay (nothing is as heavenly), but it tastes really healthy and it’s good for us. I hope you enjoy it – we sure did.

Until next time….cheers & beers & one-eyed jacks!


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