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A Sweet & Sassy Service —

Posted on March 21, 2009 in the Uncategorized category

I had yet another grand adventure last week – good for me!

I had a new biz pitch in Port Kembla – and didn’t realize how far it was from my berth. It was far. I don’t drive. A taxi would have been $323 one way. Not good.

So I called my friends at — hybrid hired vehicles. I’ve had wonderful experience with them. They are friendly, have reasonable rates, and are always helpful (even if they can’t help me everytime because I’m late calling) – all around best service I’ve experienced in Oz.

A lovely man named Russ picked me up – we went on a very long jaunt through the most beautiful towns. We drove through a National Forest, we drove along the coast, we drove and drove and drove – keeping up a really interesting convo the whole time.

I usually don’t talk much to strangers – but after about 10 minutes, Russ and I were no longer strangers. I told him random facts from my oh-so-thrilling life that I don’t share with most people. It must have been the view and the absence of petrol in the Prius, but it was a very pleasant afternoon. I’m usually very nervous before a meeting, but I was raring to go and ready to take on Port Kembla.

Before you call a taxi, call Green Tomato Cars and request a rate – 1300 72 9998 – they are way less expensive than a cab. And you get a great driver to boot! If you get Russ, tell him hey for me.

Thanks, Green Tomato Cars and Russ – I’m one happy gal and can’t wait to set sail again!


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  1. ging on April 5th, 2009 4:21 pm

    Too many adventures. Glad you still remember not to hang with strangers but Russ sounds like a real winner. Glad you found a new way to get around.
    Can’t wait to join you two on these wild rides when we come to visit in Oct.

    I am proud of my little wanderers.

    Love, MOGG

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