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Sweet & Sassy Stroganoff – Ancient Vegan Secret!

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Yum Yum Yum! I made another tasty treat – Vegan Stroganoff – I’ll keep this short because I want seconds. To top that off, it’s so easy, you can make it in minutes… And because it’s healthy, I can have all I want…so there! Kristin’s Sweet & Sassy Stroganoff: Vegan Mince (I use the delicious […]


A Sweet & Sassy Service —

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I had yet another grand adventure last week – good for me! I had a new biz pitch in Port Kembla – and didn’t realize how far it was from my berth. It was far. I don’t drive. A taxi would have been $323 one way. Not good. So I called my friends at […]


My Own Something Sweet & Sassy Book: Real Beauty…to enlighten, empower and entertain

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Here I am, writing and writing about all these super awesome women I know – for a few years now – and I realise, I never posted the overview to my book – duh! I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for it, right? Well, here it is – I do hope to publish it one […]


Another Sweet & Sassy Send-Off…Farewell My Friend, MaryAnn

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I’m sad to say, I have another Sweet & Sassy Send-Off. These are my least favourite posts, but I consider myself lucky to have known such incredible people to write about and remember. When I decided to write my book, Real Beauty, (Real Beauty Book Overview), I wanted to honour all the awesome women in […]