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Tasty Tabouleh & Pumpkin Capsicum Couscous – very Sweet & absolutely Sassy!

Posted on February 28, 2009 in the Uncategorized category

More yum for my tum…and Rob’s too!

Once I get going in the kitchen, I can’t stop! Especially now that I have my Magic Bullet ( the most incredible appliance ever – at least for cooking…

So today, trusty reader and 9000 bots, you get 2 – yes two – recipes. It’s Lent and I’m feeling very generous – and very hungry. I’m ready to eat!

Tasty Tabouleh
Cucumber chopped
Tomato chopped
Parsley chopped very fine
Couscous or Bulghur
Olive Oil
And…my new secret ingredient (so don’t tell anyone) red and green capsicum – I blended and made it almost like a tapanade.

Mix together and serve – TOTALLY FABULOUS

Punkin Capsicum Couscous
I boiled pumpkin pieces
Sauteed Mushroom
Sauteed Vegie Delite Deli Luncheon (or any vegan mince, “meat”, crumbles – or use meat, you’re the boss of you) – cut in small pieces and sauteed in olive oil, and spices
Red and Green Capsicum (Bell Peppers for my US peeps) sauteed, too

Once everything is sauteed, I poured some teriyaki sauce over the mess, let is simmer for a few minutes and served over couscous and sprinkled sauteed pepitas over the whole shebang.

Tootaloo and cheerio!


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