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A Break from Sweet and Sassy Sydney Advent for Very Vegan(ish) Nachos!

Posted on February 14, 2009 in the Uncategorized category


I’m back again for a quick smattering of me! I know, I know – I’m lagging – again – and I’m sure I’ve disappointed my one reader and 8200 bot engines who hit my site on a regular basis.

So – here’s my new recipe. WHOOPPIIIDDDIIDDOOO!

But first, a lifestory….

While my husband and I are not full vegans – we do have vegan-ish tendencies. Hubba hubbie was vegan for a few years and I’ve been lacto ovo w/ fish, but since we’ve moved to Sydney, the food is more natural, tasty, less hormones and additives and we’ve been eatinga bit of dairy and meat…

Regardless, I’m on the plant food wagon and have found some pretty comparable veg products here in Oz. Thus, my cooking has become adventurous once again.

It was super challenging to cook for a vegan and not have the same menu of stir fry for every dinner and peanut butter sandwiches for every lunch. So I took some of our favourites and veganized them. Here is the link to my veg lasagne. It’s awesome…

And to toot my horn some more – I also made an incredible shepherd’s pie that I call “coders pie” in honour of my geek hubbie. It’s half potato/half cauliflower(cooked and mashed and mixed with soymilk and fake butter), veg meat, peas, soy cheese, and sauces….but that’s not why we are here today….

It’s Nacho your regular Nachos (heehee):
pinto beans
veg mince (ground veg meat) w/ taco sauce, cumin and cayenne pepper (or my favourite – taco seasoning)
soy cheese (find some that melts – or just break apart the stuff that doesn’t – I prefer chedder flavoured)

Mix in a oven-safe dish and cook until cheese melts (as much as it can).

Put a serving on a dish and add to top:
green onion
plain yoghurt (or soy sour cream, yohgurt, etc) with chili dip mixed in
avo or guac

Serve with chick pea chips or vegan tortilla chips or multi-grain tortillas or doritos, tostitos, fritos, etc.

Holy Mole Ole! It kicked some serious bum – yummy, filling, healthy, spicy and EASY PEASY….that’s the name of the game here.

Adios and hasta la vista –
senora rohan


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