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On the 11th Day of Advent, Sydney gave to me…Ch-Ch-Ch-Chinatown

Posted on December 13, 2008 in the Uncategorized category

Ni Hao!

I’m still chugging along here not wanting to disappoint my loyal reader (thanks, hubba hubbie!). I’m enjoying Advent and really thinking about what I appreciate about being in Sydney. A LOT.

But our lives here would not be possible without one thing. This is has helped us survive in Sydney. Without it, we’d still be wandering Oz aimlessly. We’d be naked, hungry, crampy and just plain ugly. This has enabled us to make a random apartment, a home – CHINATOWN.

ANYTHING we need, I find in Chinatown. If it’s not in Chinatown, it just does not exist in Sydney.

With the exception of a brief anxiety attack that mentioned here, it’s been nothing but a loving relationship. Chinatown gives, I take – and make my husband carry to the train, through 3 suburbs, up a hill, down a hill, up a hill, and up 3 flights of stairs for me. Thanks, hubbie!

There are a few parts to Chinatown – here is the entrance to the main street:

You can kind of see cute Rob if you look hard enough.

This part has restaurants and quaint shops like this:

Here’s a cool book store:

And here’s where the magic really happens – Paddy’s Market. Which I find really funny to call the largest shopping centre in Chinatown Paddy’s Market – I think of a little Irish leprechaun dancing a jig – not a mecca of treasures.

Paddy’s is utter chaos, it’s utter calamity, it’s utter craziness…but I love it! I can find everything here. Well, see for yourself…

Here’s my secret make-up counter. Make-up is pricey in Oz, but I don’t want to be ugly, so thank God for this:

And in case I need a wig, there are about 8 of these stalls – I never knew there was this much demand, did you?

Lastly, I know these are at the top of everyone’s Christmas list – you don’t have to hide your desire anymore. Just send me your preference and I’ll pop one of these puppies in the mail for you. Don’t lie – you want one, I know it…


2 Responses to “On the 11th Day of Advent, Sydney gave to me…Ch-Ch-Ch-Chinatown”

  1. Carol Powers on December 16th, 2008 12:47 am

    A very happy birthday to my Aussie Niece. I am thrilled that you and hubba have made such a great transition. You are a very brave soul and for that I am envious. We love your picture tour. Enjoy the Holy Holiday and know that we love you two very much. A package is on it’s way to you, Merry Christmas. Aunt Carol and Uncle Jack. Oh, by the way, there is 3 inches of snow lots of ice and the hig today was 24 degrees. Go swimming for me!

  2. Katie Belding on December 24th, 2008 2:00 am

    Oh please tell me that you bought me one of those piggy hats for Christmas!!!! I wish I could shop in Chinatown with you RIGHT NOW. it sounds like my kind of place! We would have lots of fun there, and some fun tea parties with Sammy in the tea garden. We miss you lots. I loved all of your stories. I will keep reading so I can stay up-to-date! Say hi to your sweet hubba hubbie, ok?? Brain and Sammy and Filbert send you hugs and kisses, too! xoxoxox

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