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On the 8th Day of Advent, Sydney gave to me…Afternoon Tea at the Chinese Garden of Friendship

Posted on December 10, 2008 in the Uncategorized category

Doesn’t that just sound like a grand place to visit??!! Well it is, and so much more. After a harried day in the city, I was on my way to a full-blown anxiety attack. My hubba hubbie lovingly and gently guided me to the Chinese Garden of Friendship.

It was the most serene place I’ve been to in a long time. I loved it! It’s like a slice a heaven amidst total and utter calamity. I needed it – we’d been in town about 5 weeks and I was feeling tired, lonely and just harrassed after being bumped and pushed and prodded in the hubbub of downtown.

That was the day I had the realisation that I was among total strangers. I knew no one and it was very humbling. Lifestory, I know – getting back to my happy place – here are some more lovely photos…

Here is my darling hubbie – doesn’t he have cute legs?!

To top it off, we enjoyed a nice pot of tea overlooking the water that flows through the middle of the garden. There are hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous koi living in the garden. Here are a few picks – just multiply this by a gazillion…

One more reason to appreciate my hubba hubbie – he takes good care of me. Needless to say, I’m enjoying Sydney and Advent and finding lovely things to appreciate about living here.

So a few more pics before I skidaddle…

I’ll butt in one more time to tell you (my one loyal reader) that this was an open window looking out to a wall in the garden with a plaque on the outside wall.

The window makes a perfect framed picture with the greenery added for an amazing effect. I will try this if I ever have a window looking out to a wall. Now I’ll say zai jian!


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