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I’m dreaming of a Sweet & Sassy Sydney Christmas – and dreaming of Daemon and FarCry

Posted on December 2, 2008 in the Uncategorized category

Yoooooohoooooo, loyal reader…I’m back – isn’t it just marvelous?! It must be the hot holiday spirit sweeping through me. Or the holiday spirits (I do love my bubbles)!

It our first Christmas in Oz, and in anticipation, I’ve created a Sweet & Sassy Sydney Advent Calendar. I’ll unwrap a little gift of Oz each day for you. I know you will hardly be able to wait each day to get the next juicy morsel, but I guarantee it will be worth the wait.

I’ll be honest – I’m smitten with Sydney. I love it here. It’s as close to a fairy tale as I have ever imagined. But I’m lucky to have grown up in Redondo Beach and lived in Santa Cruz, Pacifica, San Francisco and Capitola. They are all magic places – but Sydney is just a little more like I imagined living in Candyland – my favourite game.

So off to the races we go…

Day 1: Daemon and FarCry Christmas

As you know from my previous post,, my hubba hubbie ( and I are now living and working in Sydney. And we couldn’t ask for better jobs. This is why it’s my first Advent pressie (present) to you.

We are at Daemon ( – makers of FarCry CMS ( – an incredible SEO-friendly content mangagement system developed and maintained by our absolutely fabulous development crew.

Let me cut to the chase…FarCry is an utterly awesome system. I’ve worked with other website products and they stink – well, I didn’t know how horrible they were until I fell in love with FarCry. It’s taken my heart and ruined me for any other product. And since I’m not a super smart code monkey, I need something easy, methodical, intuitive and organised. I feel savvy and sophisticated–totally hip and able to create websites in a single bound – but that’s the beauty of FarCry – anyone can do it.

But that doesn’t hold a candle to Daemon – led by Geoff Bowers (, He’s a mastermind and all around fantastic leader who took a chance of a couple of unknown hooligans from California. And his lovely, lovely wife, Julie – who has shown me a great time and some excellent spots (which I will be sharing in the coming days).

The rest of the cool cats who staff the joint and make FarCry come to life are pretty awesome, too. Cheers to them for getting the party started. We love Oz. We can only hope it loves us back.

Time will tell…(that means come back tomorrow and read some more profound Sweet & Sassy sputter from me).

P.S. Here’s a photo of where we work – swwwweeeeeeettttttttt!


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