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The “Main Mary” Attraction – Sweet & Sassy Birthday Gal O’the Day

Posted on October 26, 2007 in the Real Beauty category

Yes…I’m back with another Sweet & Sassy Birthday – whew! There are so many in October, I’m lucky, lucky, lucky!

Here’s the overview of my book – you know the drill….
Real Beauty Book Overview

And now….heeeeerrrrre’s Mary!

Mary is beautiful because she is CALM and FUNNY….Mary is my mom’s friend but I always thought of her as part of our family. I LOVE seeing her! Mary always seems like the voice of truth and reason, even when things are totally chaotic. I personally have never seen her flustered – she just goes with the flow.

Mary has two sons – they are very creative and intelligent. I babysat them when they were very young. She warned me of their eccentricity but I really had no idea what was in store for me. So Alex and Eric introduced me to “Funeral.” We spent the night having funerals for the boys. It was interesting, but I enjoyed myself – in a kooky and spooky way. I never knew what to expect. But Mary would just shrug it off and let them explore. I liked that about her. She seemed to accept them and support their crazy ways. I admire that.

I like Mary because she always treated me with respect. It was like she was an older sister, not a scary grownup. I never felt foolish or awkward with her. And considering I spent most of my youth feeling foolish and awkward, it was always a relief to see Mary. I always knew if we were going to see her, I would be doing lots of laughing. Mary has this quiet, but hilarious way of telling unbelievable, but true stories.

I consider Mary my mom’s second sister. My mom, my Aunt Toni and Mary are like peas in a pod, and lunch together often. I love to crash their parties when I’m in town. It’s not a dull moment when the three of them are together. I invite myself to be part of their group and they are always gracious. Mary is a career nurse (like Aunt Toni) – that means she still takes care of everyone and their brothers, sisters, cousins and dogs. She is generous with her time and expertise.

So….Happy Birthday, Mary – I raise my glass to you – thanks for being such a cool lady!


3 Responses to “The “Main Mary” Attraction – Sweet & Sassy Birthday Gal O’the Day”

  1. Ginger Nystrom on October 26th, 2007 3:22 pm

    Sr. Toes,

    You are like one of our sisters and always add a lot of fun to our lives. You know everything about a lot of things and are never hesitant to share. Thanks for always taking good care of us and our families. Toni would agree but I hope she doesn’t forget our October birthdays.

    Love, Ginger

  2. Toni and Bob on October 26th, 2007 3:28 pm

    What a nice tribute to my dear friend, Mary ! She is all those nice things and MORE! I’ve known her for lots and lots of years–seems like only yesterday that I was her Matron of Honor when she married Granpa Alex !!
    Congratulations on another milestone. Can’t wait to go to Mexico and celebrate –Ole !!
    Love, Blondi

  3. Eric T. on October 28th, 2007 3:51 pm

    This is wonderful. I Love this.

    She really is a special lady… but those girls are trouble when they get together…

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