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October 10 – Jennifer is Sweet and Sassy Today – and Happy Birthday, Pops!

Posted on October 10, 2007 in the Real Beauty category

I’ll tell you right now – October is going to be the MOST exciting month – I have many Sweet and Sassy Lassies so – to my 6 readers – read early, read often – this is the month!

Before I start, I’d like to say “Happy Birthday” to my Dad – he is the best dad in the whole world – I love him to pieces – I’ll be writing about the Sweet and Sassy Lads next year so tune in then……NOW……

To kick off October, I’d like to introduce my friend, Jennifer – but before I do, here’s a link to my book:
Real Beauty Book Overview

Jennifer is beautiful because she is…..FRIENDLY and COMPASSIONATE. I haven’t known her very long – I work with her – but she’s made an impression on me because she is so nice. I mean she is genuinely nice. I don’t ever feel like she is being that way to get something or manipulate a situation. Jennifer enjoys being around people. And I enjoy being around her.

Jennifer is one of the most pleasant people I know. Her smile and good mood are contagious and I look forward to seeing her everyday. She is interested in everyone and is always trying new things – new recipes, new products, new crafts, and new wines – she’s one of the least boring people I know. Jennifer is refreshing and motivates me to improve myself. She is always sending me interesting articles and links to things that I like – it makes me feel special that she really listens to me.

Another quality I admire about Jennifer is that she cares about people. When someone is sick or upset, she is concerned and lends her support. She told me a story of a woman whose house caught on fire – I don’t think she even knew her – but the first thing she wanted to do is help them by dropping off supplies and giving a donation. Jennifer seems so selfless and is someone who wants to put some goodness back into the world.

I am a private person. I like to spend time alone during my breaks at work. But I’ve come to really enjoy spending them with Jennifer while we walk up and down Soquel Avenue. I thought I’d be bored walking the same route every time, but Jennifer peps up our walks telling me stories of her friends and family that make me laugh.

I like Jennifer because she seems at ease in new situations. I am a little nervous when I go somewhere and don’t know a lot of people. But I’ve seen Jennifer in several situations where she makes herself comfortable and I wouldn’t know she’s new to the group. We belong to a book club and she joined for the second meeting. But she has a knack at interacting with the ladies that makes her part of the group immediately. We’ve had about 6 meetings and I still feel a little awkward! But I know if Jennifer is there, I’ll enjoy myself.

And Jennifer is a lovely hostess. When she had the book club at her house, she made all the goodies. They were fantastic! I’m told not to try new recipes for guests, but all of hers were delicious. I can’t wait to see what she puts together next time.

Happy Birthday, Jennifer – you’ve definitely brightened up my life!


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