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Sweet & Sassy Shannon – Belated Birthday Blog!

Posted on September 25, 2007 in the Real Beauty category

Okay – I’m late. It happens. It’s been a heckuva few weeks but I didn’t want to ignore this lovely lady just because I’m a little kooky.

Shannon is a perfect addition to my book, Real Beauty – here’s a link: Real Beauty Book Overview. I’m excited to introduce her to my 6 (yes, there may be 6) readers!

Shannon is beautiful because she has an awesome SENSE OF HUMOR. I don’t remember ever being in her presence for more than 5 minutes without her bubbling over with laughter. No matter what she is talking about, she can somehow put a funny twist on it. Her joy is contagious and totally releases any tension that may be in the air.

I always feel lighter after seeing Shannon. She’s charismatic and optimistic. She always has a positive, yet realistic outlook. She inspires me to look on the bright side and keep laughing no matter what is happening. She rolls with the punches and just keeps moving.

Shannon is my husband’s Aunt – now my Aunt – and I’m grateful to be (kind of) related to her. She’s a bowl full of fun and I look forward to her visits. She has raised 2 darling kids – and they are always welcome in our house. I see her in her kids – her son is smart and sweet; her daughter is wild (fun) and thoughtful. They are lucky to have such a hip mom. I can tell her kids are important to her. They aren’t just accessories or obligations – they are part of her and she adores them.

The three of them visited us at the beach one afternoon. Sam and Siara were so excited to be near the ocean and they went crazy. They dug in the sand, ran in the water and explored. Shannon didn’t hover, but let them discover while keeping an eagle-eye on them. She didn’t get mad when they got dirty and didn’t make them sit quietly. She let them express themselves – screaming, running, and jumping in the sand. We didn’t bring huge bags of toys. We just brought ourselves and Siara and Sam made their fun with what was already there – a true adventure for all of us.

Whenever there is a family event, I especially look forward to seeing her. My husband has a large family and it can be overwhelming with so many people – a little nerve-wracking to be sure. But I look for Shannon and quickly get caught up in the fun. I don’t think about anything except laughing.

Shannon is genuine – and I sense her deepness. Even when she makes jokes, I know there’s someone in there – thinking, feeling and caring. She is loyal to her family and speaks of them with pride. Even though they are scattered, she remains close to them.

I admire her for so many reasons – she’s a complete package of fabulousness. Happy Birthday, Aunt Shannon – you rock!

Real Beauty Book Overview


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