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Sweet & Sassy September Sixteenth – the MOG Blog

Posted on September 15, 2007 in the Real Beauty category

Ta Da! It’s my Mother-In-Law’s birthday today – HORRAY – I call her MOG – Mother of the Groom – since she (and my Mom) totally helped my husband and I plan the most amazing wedding EVER!

And now it’s my time to tell you all (my 4 readers – I have 4 readers – yeah) about her. She’ll never tell you this herself so in my true butt-inny fashion, I’ll tell you. Here’s a link to my first Jen post: so you can familiarize yourself with her exceptional-ness.

To grease the wheels of this wonderous occasion, here is an overview to my book: Real Beauty Book Overview
I’m sure it will be on the best seller list any day now….

Jen is beautiful because she is…..NATURAL and PEACEFUL. Jen is the very essence of what it means to be an open vessel. She takes in everything around her and uses it to strengthen herself and her surroundings. She listens carefully and purposefully and helps everyone come to a satisfying resolution. She doesn’t push or judge – she supports.

I’ve never seen anyone able to help more people at one time while continually nurturing herself. She doesn’t give up her sense of self. If anything, it seems to enhance her and make her stronger, smarter and more beautiful. She blossoms more every time I see her – like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon.

If I had to describe Mother Nature, I would describe Jen – she has a true calling for taking care of the outside. She does her planting, her harvesting and her gathering in a truly artistic manner. She goes with the flow and uses all resources to their true potential. She seems to do the same with herself. Jen and Rick (the most awesome Stepfather-In-Law (SFOG)) live in the hills above Fresno – doesn’t sound too appealing, does it? But they have created an oasis that I enjoy visiting time after time.

They have taken a few acres of land and grow beautiful flowers, delicious vegetables, and excellent herbs. A few years ago Jen asked if I wanted some basil. Not wanting to insult the mother of my true love, I said yes. I mean, how much basil could she possibly have? I thought I’d put a little on some pizza and sprinkle a bit in some tomato sauce and prove to her that I could love nature, too. So I received my basil – in a garbage bag – 3 lbs worth – enough to cover a pizza the size of California – I had basil in glasses all over the place. I was making pesto and infused oils and spaghetti sauces up the wazoo. And I couldn’t throw any of it in the garbage because I thought this was a test to see if I was worthy of her son. I was – whew! I still have some of that basil in the freezer!

One of the things I love most about Jen is the fact that she raised 2 fantastic sons. I’m partial because one of them is my husband – but he is noble, generous, full of integrity and respectful. I see so much of Jen in him and I grow to love her more everyday that I’m with him and vice versa.

No problem is too small or too lame to discuss with Jen – she takes every one of them seriously. I feel bad chatting with her about my petty concerns and observations because I know she is truly attentive to whatever I’m saying. I feel selfish sometimes when I’m with her because I just don’t keep quiet and listen to her. I want to, but she talks with me like a peer and I am inspired and engaged in the conversation.

I am blessed to have 2 wonderful mothers – my mom, Ginger and Jen – the most excellent Mother-In-Law. I hear horrific stories from my friends and read terrible accounts of controlling and manipulative mothers-in-law. That is not Jen – she’s become a friend, a confidante, a mentor and a welcome guest to our house.

Jen – happy birthday. Thank you for being so generous with me. You are amazing and I continue to become a better person every time I see you.

Real Beauty Book Overview


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  1. Ginger Nystrom on September 16th, 2007 10:53 am

    Hi Jen,

    Happy birthday and thanks for taking such good care of your own family and my family, too. You are truly an inspiring example to us all.

    Lucky Rick and lucky you.

    Love, Ginger MOB

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