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To Chris Card – belated birthday wishes – she’s Something Sweet & Sassy everyday!

Posted on August 16, 2007 in the Real Beauty category

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date…my friend, Chris Card, had a birthday last Sunday and I am still celebrating! So without further adieu (except for a link to my book so you know what the heck this is…..Real Beauty Book Overview)…..hhhhhheeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeeee’s Chris!

Chris is beautiful because she has enormous…ENERGY. She sizzles with life. I feel it when I’m around her – it’s electric. She does everything with gusto. Chris doesn’t muddle along. She puts her best foot forward and gives everything her all. She is a bundle of fun and I get caught up in it immediately. No matter what is happening, she has a positive lookout and always tries to find a solution – that is why she is so great at her job. She doesn’t stall out and give up easily.

I worked with Chris over a year ago – but I had the most fun going on sales calls with her. I knew they would be upbeat and enjoyable – and I hated sales calls. She always presented herself in the most professional manner – even though she is one of the kookiest people I know. She’s sharp and focused. But she has a hilarious sense of humor. I never laugh as hard or as loud unless Chris is there.

She’s a petite little hottie. But her personality is larger than life. We traveled to southern California together a lot. Traveling for work is rugged. I never looked forward to doing it. But once I started traveling with Chris, the trips ended up being whirlwind adventures. We were stuck in L.A. traffic one time for HOURS – I would have lost my mind. But Chris entertained me with crazy stories and I was so sad for it to end. I wanted to stay and spend the weekend with her because I knew I would have the time of my life.

Chris is always jetting off to do something – a bike ride, a marathon, a family reunion – whatever! Yet she always seems to be fresh as a daisy. I spoke to her when she’d just gotten back from an intense trip to Vegas. I thought she’s gotten back the previous day – but no – Chris just flew in that morning and went directly in the office to work. So then she said she was going to leave early – at 5pm! How does she do it?!

I’m so lucky that I was able to work with her – even though it was such a short time. I feel like we’ve been friends forever – she’s very dear to me. I admire her loyalty and perseverance.

A toast to you, Chris – you are one in a million!

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