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Happy Birthday, Gena – Sweet & Sassy Birthday Girl for July 20

Posted on July 19, 2007 in the Real Beauty category

Can you believe it’s another Sweet & Sassy Birthday – horray! Here’s a link to my book so you can get ready to read about another fabulous woman in my life…
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Gena is beautiful because she is GRACIOUS….I met Gena about 8 years ago – she was the owner of my favorite bar in Pacifica, the Seahorse Saloon, and I loved her the minute I met her.

She always seemed so misplaced behind the bar because she is a beautiful, calm blond woman – kind of like a mermaid – yet she ran the joint like a tight ship. Gena always had a friendly word and a compliment for me when I visited. But no one got away with any business while she was on the job.

There were always a few women (and Gena) having a hen party when I came in – and I was honored to be included. It made me feel comfortable – especially when I was new to the town. Gena always took time to chat with me. She’s one of those people that I felt I immediately knew a long time.

Gena always holds a special place in my heart because the Seahorse was the first place I went to in Pacifica, the place where I met my dear friend, Jay, and where I met my wonderful husband, Rob. I feel she is one of my guardian angels – she looked out for me and still warms my heart when I think of her.

A few years ago, Gena sold the Seahorse and high-tailed it to Maine with her husband. I was so sad to see her go and knew Pacifica would not be the same without her. It wasn’t. There was no place like the Seahorse for people to mingle. But we stayed in touch and I love hearing from her.

I anticipate every letter from Gena. Just like when she was at the Seahorse, her letters are calming, upbeat and they make me smile. I feel she is so close – even though she is miles away. When our friend, Jay, passed away, she wrote a poignant letter about him. I felt so close to her, and to Jay, while reading it.

Happy Birthday, Gena – thanks for touching my life with grace, serenity and true beauty.

Real Beauty Book Overview


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