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July 13 – Sweet & Sassy Susie – Birthday Girl of the Day

Posted on July 12, 2007 in the Real Beauty category

Horray – another Sweet & Sassy Birthday!

I know everyone (my 3 fans) anticipates these posts. I know! Here’s the latest and greatest – but first – a link to my book REAL BEAUTY so I can set the stage to celebrate….Susie.

Real Beauty Book Overview

Susie is beautiful because she is….LOYAL and a TRUE FRIEND. I met Susie at a summer job slinging yogurt and we were fast friends immediately – I never experienced that with anybody.

I introduced Susie here: She stood up for me at my wedding – and I was so glad to have her by my side. She’s incredibly calm, cool and collected, though we never have enough time together. But a few minutes with Susie is worth it.

We worked together for a few years – and then I left for college. Susie wrote to me all the time. She is the most consistent friend. She’d send me postcards on all her trips. I always looked forward to receiving them – never knowing where she was. I still have her letters, too – and laugh all the crazy memories.

No matter how much times goes by, it’s so easy to pick back up our friendship where we left off – there’s not been an awkward moment with us. I enjoy her easy-going attitude and her funny nature. I have spent a lot of my life feeling uncomfortable – but for some reason, I have never been uncomfortable with her.

She’s had her circle of friends for a long, long time, and with good reason. Why wouldn’t you want to be friends with Susie? She’s fun, honest, and dependable. She doesn’t get her feelings hurt easily and it takes a lot to get her miffed. And I would never want Susie mad at me – she’s too valuable to me.

Now that I’ve gone through my own wedding, I know how stressful it is to be a bride. When Susie got married, I never saw that side of her. She was just as serene as always. We went to Vegas for a girls’ weekend and she let all the girls have their way. Everyone had an idea how to spend the three days. And Susie just went along with the fun. So what could have turned out to be a disaster, ended up being just a funny adventure.

She’s an incredible mother, too. I spent a little time with her and her kids after Christmas last December. She is so good with them – they adore her (of course) and they are well behaved, friendly, and a joy to visit. We took Piper with us to lunch and she was perfect – she listened to Susie but still had a grand time exploring and playing at the park.

I am grateful for Susie – she is the most stable and sane friend I have. Her good and just nature shines so brightly that I’m always inspired to be a better person after spending time with her.

Happy Birthday, mellow cruiser – thanks for always being there.

Real Beauty Book Overview


2 Responses to “July 13 – Sweet & Sassy Susie – Birthday Girl of the Day”

  1. Ginger Nystrom on July 12th, 2007 9:49 am

    Susie, where have you been? Keep that easy going attitude as you need it with everything you do.

    Happy birthday and don’t ever forget Heidi’s. I know that’s where you learned to be so calm.

  2. Susie Estrem on July 14th, 2007 12:03 pm

    Hey Mellow Cruiser,

    Arlen and I just returned from a cruise to Cabo and returned to a pile of unopened mail. As I was weeding through the pile, I was excited to find a letter from you. Needless to say, you blew me away with the “Loyalty of Friendship.” Thanks for all the kind words…you made my day. You’re one of a kind Kris…a true gem.

    Love ya,


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