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June Sweet & Sassy Birthday Girl – Megan

Posted on June 13, 2007 in the Real Beauty category

Yes, we have another birthday – horray! I’m happy to introduce you to another Sweet & Sassy-ian, Megan — and another chapter in my ever-growing book – Real Beauty.

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Now – on with the show…..

Megan is beautiful because she has SPUNK. I met Megan last year – she teaches at my gym. She first showed up at my “water babes” class (water aerobics) and I loved her. She is friendly and outgoing all the time! She made me feel immediately welcome. As I started adding classes (salsa, tease, and cowboy boogie), Megan showed up as the teacher again. I thought she taught all the classes – and she never seemed get tired. She is a bundle of ENERGY.

I can tell Megan loves what she does from the first minute of class to the last. She is open and accepting. She circle of warmth and friendliness spreads wide – there’s room for everyone. And who wouldn’t want to be close to such a dynamite lady? I immediately liked her – and I notice that everyone else does, too. From the young ladies in the tease class, to the mature ladies in water babes, everyone is drawn to her.

Megan always takes the time to talk to everyone. And I mean everyone. She’s a tiny little thing with a huge personality and presence. She draws people in with her bubbly charm and keeps people close with her interest and motivating attitude. There’s always a fun party going on when Megan is there. And who doesn’t like a party?

I was nervous to start new classes at the gym – I was a little rusty and self-conscious. I didn’t want to look stupid or old or out of place. But from the first classes, Megan was so inspirational and upbeat, I couldn’t wait to return. And she cheers us on to have fun and groove. I’ve definitely let loose and am enjoying dancing again.

I can tell I’m not the only person who feels this way about Megan. When she is not in class, everyone talks about how much they like her classes, that they haven’t enjoyed dancing or swimming as much, and the classes are not the same when Megan is not there. She has a lot of fans and I’m proud to be one of them.

So, I’m adding Megan to my Sweet & Sassy Hall of Fame – happy birthday and thanks for sharing your SPUNK!


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