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Belated Sweet & Sassy Birthday Girl of April 13 – Marie

Posted on May 1, 2007 in the Real Beauty category

I have a new friend! Horray – I am so inspired by her, I didn’t want her birthday to pass without giving her due credit – so take it away, Marie!

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Marie is beautiful because she has….SPIRIT. I met her a few months ago at my “Water Babes” class and I instantly realized her excitement for life bubbles out everywhere. And once I struck up a conversation with her – which is not hard to do with Marie because she has an easy and generous nature – I realized she sings at my church service, too. When she sings I can see and feel how happy she is. I see it from the back row! I can tell she puts her heart into it.

The more I get to know Marie, the more I WANT to know her. Her spirit warms me when I am near her. I like to give people their personal space – especially at the gym – but I love chatting with Marie. She’s upbeat and talks to everyone. And I can tell her enthusiasm comes from deep inside – it’s not just on the surface. Her positive nature is contagious. I want to be happy and excited when I’m around Marie. I can’t help it.

Marie always has something nice to say. No matter how busy she is packing up after singing or leaving the gym, she takes time to compliment me and ask about me. And I see she does the same to everyone who crosses her path. She touches my soul and I always look forward to seeing her again.

And once she starts talking about her family – she is REALLY excited. I love hearing how much she loves her grandson. Her face shines with pride. She’s not braggy, just ecstatic. It’s fun to watch and see the love in her eyes.

Marie makes me smile – just writing this, I am happy I met her. Even though I’ve only known her a few months, she’s been a blessing. Capitola is filled with nice people, but Marie is one of the shining stars. I hope I have as much spirit – and share it with others – like Marie.

Happy Birthday, Marie – if friends are angels on earth – you are definitely both!

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