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Lovely Aunt Toni – Sweet & Sassy Birthday Girl for May 19th.

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It’s that day again – a Sweet and Sassy Birthday! My Aunt Toni is very sweet and deliciously sassy – so she’s the gal for May 19th. Here’s a link to my book introduction – Real Beauty – enjoy! Real Beauty Book Overview I introduced Toni here: — she does like pretty things and […]


May 6 – Sweet and Sassy Birthday Girl of the Day: Helen Koopman

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Yes, it’s another Sweet and Sassy Birthday – I’d like to introduce you to one of my godmothers – I’m luckier than Cinderella – I have two! Here’s a link to the famous — Real Beauty Book Overview — enjoy! (it’s at the bottom, too) Now to the good stuff…… Helen is beautiful because she […]


May 4 – Sweet and Sassy Birthday Girl: Sandi Gibson

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So many great women to share the Sweet and Sassy title – here’s the latest and greatest – but first, a word from our sponsor….a link to my book, Real Beauty (see link below). Enjoy! Now, on with the show…. Sandi is beautiful because she is….RESOURCEFUL and COMPASSIONATE. Well, she’s hot, too, but I really […]


Belated Sweet & Sassy Birthday Girl of April 13 – Marie

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I have a new friend! Horray – I am so inspired by her, I didn’t want her birthday to pass without giving her due credit – so take it away, Marie! Again – a link to my book, Real Beauty – it explains everything, and I mean everything….see below for the link. Marie is beautiful […]