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Live Your Adventure…Sharing Secrets of Real Beauty

Posted on December 16, 2014 in the Sassy Secrets category

“Don’t dream of adventure, LIVE your adventure”

Do you dream of a better life, one filled with upbeat background music while you are strutting your way down the avenue like it’s a catwalk?

Honestly, I do. I even had the music to Pirates of Caribbean playing from a greeting card in my bike basket with a skull and crossbones air freshener swinging from my handlebars just to create the effect.

I wanted to create the ambiance that I was living the life I always envisioned. And you know what? It started to happen — slowly but surely, my life became more exciting. We moved to Australia, I started a business, I became friends with the most fabulous people, move to LA, moved BACK to Capitola and now embarking on my Arbonne adventure…and it’s because I started living my adventure instead of just dreaming about it.


What’s your picture? What music is playing? What are you wearing? Who’s around you?

Sassy Secret #4: You can be the star in your own movie. Just own it…and start LIVING it…and invite me along. I love a good adventure!

(Queue Wonder Woman theme music)…

Learn more about my adventure or contact me ( and learn more about how you can live an amazing life with Arbonne!

Special thanks to Janette Valentino for creating and sharing her inspirational mood ladies – visit her here for your own set…it’ll change your life!


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  1. Denise on December 17th, 2014 9:55 am

    Love this, Kristin!!! Keep Celebrating and Living Fully!!

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