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Never too late for New Year’s Resolutions…(spoiler alert – may contain traces of nuts, warm fuzzies & touchy feelies!)

Posted on May 7, 2009 in the Inspiration category

So there I was, lying in bed thinking about how incredibly beautiful the Air Supply concert was at the Sydney Opera House last night. I was extremely touched by how excited the crowd was – everyone sang and danced and reminisced about their Air Supply music memories. It was truly moving. I’m grateful I experienced the goodness that took over the Concert Hall.

(An aside – here are two pics of the show – one before and one at the end – dancing and crying room only):

This got me thinking about how I sometimes live inside my head and dwell on stress, worry, judgments, fairness (or unfairness) and disappointments – and I occasionally miss enjoying the awesome moments in my life.

Well, no more!

A while ago, I decided to create a new mantra to help me deal with challenging people – knowing it’s me who has to change, not them. I was tired of being disillusioned and left feeling angry or crabby.

The mantra? H.E.L.P – pretty simple, huh? Yet it took me the whole 39 years of my life (or 29 according to my darling husband) to create this. It means I’m praying for Happiness, Empathy, Love and Peace for this person, and for myself. And it worked pretty well.

But I was upset when things didn’t pan out how I anticipated. I was working hard to make a difference and believed I deserved certain outcomes. I would try to envision abundance and happiness – and it worked to a degree – but I could still work myself up into a snit when things didn’t go my way.

My husband said – let go of my expectations, don’t attach yourself to the outcomes – of course, Zen Rohan – and he’s right – but I don’t just jump paths and start skipping to a new tune without pondering, visualising, and holding a personal pep rally (including new outfit, inspirational song, and interpretive dance to commemorate the occasion).

So, in true Sweet & Sassy Style, I decided to embrace my ANGELS and kick out the DEMONS.

What else would you expect from a Straight-A, Catholic school girl, certified former cheerleader and journalism major with a proofreading pet peeve? I like to spell things out…correctly.

Kicking out the DEMONS:
I will let go of my Delusions/Distress, Ego, Madness (as in anger, not insanity, pardon you), Onerousness, Negativity, and Sentencing/Skeptical nature.

Embracing my ANGELS:
I will Accept, Nurture, be more Grateful/Generous, Encourage, be Light (as in less serious, not low fat), and Surrender my expectations.

Why am I sharing this with my 2 readers – and all the lovely loyal spambots that visit my site at an excruitating rate?

Firstly, everything is a good idea at 5am. Secondly, I don’t want to miss out on all the awesome experiences I have by letting my dark side (aka Darth Rohan) overshadow my better self.

To be honest, I don’t think I’m a monster. But when I arrived in Sydney, I decided to change/tweak the parts of my self that I didn’t like so much. These are them.

Now if I can just finish my Advent postings by next Christmas, I’ll be batting 1000. Hey, procrastination wasn’t one of my resolutions…


One Response to “Never too late for New Year’s Resolutions…(spoiler alert – may contain traces of nuts, warm fuzzies & touchy feelies!)”

  1. MOG on May 8th, 2009 5:48 am

    By george, I think she’s got it! Think about enbracing your demons as well as your angels. The demons are as much a part of us, our whole person, as the angels. Embracing means coming to grips and accepting our entire us, then daily trying to call ourselves on the demons, until one day, we may succeed in minimizing them. Tough work. Even tougher when life takes little side tracks! Being a human is so incredible! MOG1

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