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A Sad but Sweet & Sassy Sendoff – Adios Bob!

Posted on April 8, 2008 in the Real Beauty category

It’s not always sunny here at Something Sweet & Sassy. Sometimes it’s somber, sometimes is sad, sometimes it is just plain sucky. This past week it has been all three…..But I want to tell the tale of a wicked cool cat who touched my life and shared two of my favorite indulgences — books and booze — now, on to Bob….

It’s hard to say goodbye to people I love. And I’m lucky to have had and continue to have (too many words) so many fabulous people that I love. One such chap surprisingly came into my life through my husband, Rob. Bob was my husband’s step-grandfather and one of the gentlemen my husband most admired. I grew to admire him, as well. Bob made a place in my heart rather quickly and I enjoyed all the time we spent with him.

I first wrote about Bob here: I never got enough of Bob, but the time spent with him was invigorating, meaningful and fun. He was sharper than any 89-year-old could be. I had to keep on my toes around him, especially playing backgammon, because he was a madman on the board. There was a light inside of him that did not ever fade – even the last time we saw him. He was alert, funny and full of the dickens. I will miss him.

The best way I can share Bob is through this letter I wrote to Nora Roberts ( – his one and only favorite author) for his birthday last year. Bob was a class act and my life is happier for knowing him. He’s still here, you know – and will be every time I drink Rum or Johnny Walker Red, and read a Nora Roberts book.


Hello Ms. Roberts,

Hope you are well. I have a friend – actually he is my step-grandfather, and is very dear to me. He is a super-huge fan of yours. Actually, he really only reads your books. Since I am quite of a fan myself, we’ve developed a strong bond over the last few years.

Bob is in his late eighties – he’s homebound but very sharp. I love him so much and always look for something new to send him. I give him a lot of your books (after I read them, of course) and he is SOO happy to receive them. I’m sure he’s like me, and reads them over and over. I have a hard time parting with them, but, for Bob, it’s worth it.

About 2 years ago, my husband and I went to Puerto Vallarta for vacation with Bob and my husbands step-mom. We had a ton of your books to read. And we did. Every morning, Bob and I would get up before everyone, have some rum and start reading. We did a lot of bonding that week – it was probably one of the most meaningful times I’ve had. I have to say, it’s because we shared the love of your books that brought us close. When I left, both of use were teary but happy to have spent so much time together.

So, thanks for helping two people grow close and for writing such kickin’ books. I couldn’t even tell you my favorites – I think the Born in Ice, Fire and Shame are a few.


Gracias, Bob – Te Amo and Salud – hope you are water skiing the hell out of heaven!


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  1. MOG on April 8th, 2008 6:20 pm

    I feel a real sense of loss with the passing of Bob and thank you for including me in the loop to know about it. I only got to meet Bob during your wedding weekend, but it was clear to me why he is such a respected and well loved man. Even for the brief time I spent with him, his warmth, charm and intelligence jumped out. His many contributions to the world will be held in your hearts and in those who knew him. Hope Shawn and her sis are doing OK. My thoughts are with them. MOG

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