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Birthday Girl Beverly – Sweet and Sassy Oct 28th

Posted on October 28, 2007 in the Real Beauty category

Huzzah! Another October Sweet and Sassy-ian – before you get to meet Bev, here’s an overview to my book:
Real Beauty Book Overview

Now…the real beauty for October 26….

Beverly is beautiful because she is…..DEDICATED and POISED. I have known Bev for over ten years and I’ve never met anyone who is more committed to doing the right thing and helping everyone in the process.

When I met her, Bev and I worked together at a crazy branding agency. I didn’t spend too much time with her but I always enjoyed her company and she always seemed poised in the midst of chaos. She knew her stuff and didn’t let anyone ruffle her feathers. I always admired her.

After doing our time there, our paths crossed a bit – it’s a small world in Silicon Valley – and I always looked forward to seeing her. She opened her own business and I always dreamed of working for her. I got my wish about a year ago, and I’ve learned so much in the last year. And I learned it all from Bev.

The most impressive thing I’ve witnessed is how much Bev helps her family. She is the anchor for everyone. She’s always available to listen, strategize, and support each and every person in her family. She employs them, fixes their computer problems, organizes vacations, plans weddings, and keeps them healthy – while running a wildly successful business. Bev is a dynamo!

Bev is the most well-connected person, too. Because of her positive attitude and strong work ethic, everyone respects her and wants to work with her. She doesn’t have to look for business – business finds her. It’s amazing to see how many random calls she gets – referrals from past colleagues who tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends how fantastic Bev is. Bev hosted an awesome “Ladies Brunch” and her house was PACKED! The place was roaring – I don’t know anyone who has so many true friends.

Happy Birthday Beverly, for making my dreams come true and letting me see what dedication and grace looks and feels like!

Real Beauty Book Overview


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