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Lovely Aunt Toni – Sweet & Sassy Birthday Girl for May 19th.

Posted on May 18, 2007 in the Real Beauty category

It’s that day again – a Sweet and Sassy Birthday! My Aunt Toni is very sweet and deliciously sassy – so she’s the gal for May 19th.

Here’s a link to my book introduction – Real Beauty – enjoy!
Real Beauty Book Overview

I introduced Toni here: — she does like pretty things and is a pretty thing herself. But the one quality that I think makes her most beautiful is her CARING nature.

So….Toni is beautiful because she is….CARING. I don’t think I know anyone who cares more about other people than Toni. She takes care of everyone – and makes it look so effortless. She knows what to do and doesn’t waste a second if there is a person in need. I can ask her any health related question and she has good advice. But more than good advice, she will ask caring questions and then check up on me to make sure I’m feeling better. I can’t imagine Florence Nightingale doing a better job.

And there’s something about Aunt Toni that makes me want to divulge my secrets. I don’t know if it’s the intent way she listens to me (I can even feel it over the phone), or the fact that I feel she is on my side, or maybe she’s so cute, I can’t resist confessing to her – but she gets to the heart of the situation toot sweet. She also asks very good questions. She could have been a fantastic reporter. But, thank goodness, she uses her talents to take care of people.

I know Toni has a big heart. I think that is why she is a fabulous care giver. She and my Uncle Bob ( have rescued quite a few pets. And those little creatures have the BEST life. My cousin won some goldfish at a fair one time – the ones that last until they get home. But Katie’s fish lived forever and grew into the most beautiful fish – they were a deep orange color with long flowing tails and fins. No pet wants out of the Portillo household.

And she is a fabulous hostess. The parties at her house are a hoot. The food is divine (my aunt and uncle are marvelous cooks), the ambiance is pleasant and welcoming, and Toni always looks gorgeous. I only hope to have as much grace in my life as she.

Lastly, I LOVE getting gifts from Aunt Toni. She always picks out something personal and meaningful. But I really love how she wraps my presents. They are always covered in pretty paper with lovely bows. I’ve kept more scraps of wrapping paper from Aunt Toni’s gifts – they remind me of her….decadent, darling and fun. And that’s who she is.
Happy Birthday, Aunt Toni – thanks for reminding how important it is to care about others – and look fabulous while doing good deeds.

Real Beauty Book Overview


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  1. mary toth on May 19th, 2007 11:52 am

    Yes, you are so right ! She is all of those things but she does like to talk too much in the early morning. I am happy to be a SISTER.

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