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May 4 – Sweet and Sassy Birthday Girl: Sandi Gibson

Posted on May 3, 2007 in the Real Beauty category

So many great women to share the Sweet and Sassy title – here’s the latest and greatest – but first, a word from our sponsor….a link to my book, Real Beauty (see link below). Enjoy! Now, on with the show….

Sandi is beautiful because she is….RESOURCEFUL and COMPASSIONATE. Well, she’s hot, too, but I really admire her for the fact she can figure out and accomplish ANYTHING and she helps EVERYONE!

I introduced her here: — she’s the first Lady S. I don’t know if there is anything Sandi can’t do – she is so talented – crafts, cooking, construction – you name it, she can do it. And if she doesn’t know, she learns it. She and her husband bought a house that was in pretty poor shape. There were appliances in the yard and the inside was a disaster. Room by room they fixed the house. I don’t mean they painted and buffed the floors. They stripped the house bare and put in new wires, drywall, fixtures, etc. It is becoming a dream house.

Sandi is one of the most talented people I know – and one of the most devoted. If anyone needs her, she’s there. Here friends are the luckiest in the world. If I call Sandi, she makes time to listen – she doesn’t hog the conversation. She keeps her word and over-delivers on her promises every time.

And I love to spend time with her. She is the most fun – there’s always something up her sleeve. Sandi is Santa Claus with her workshop (her fabulous hubbie, Chris, is her elf). She has a million ideas and projects in the works. Who doesn’t, right? But when she has an idea, she makes it happen. She doesn’t just talk about what she’d like to do, she does it. She’s a dynamo.

Last year, she asked me if I wanted to attend a craft fair in which she was participating. I cam over the night before and she put me right to work folding and pricing and organizing all her cute gifts. Then she wanted to bake caramel apples – how hard could that be? Well, she makes the caramel from scratch and isn’t that quaint. So she put me to work! I don’t like to bake sweets – I think it’s time-consuming and not worth the effort. But she kept coaching me and darned if those caramel apples weren’t the most fun I’ve ever had making treats. I can’t say I would do it again – unless Sandi asked me.

Sandi works hard – too hard – she doesn’t try to scrape by on shortcuts. She produces quality work and gets quality results time after time. She’s another hotty who could get by on her looks, but she doesn’t.. She prides herself in taking care of her customers, employees, and peers.

I have known her as my colleague, my friend and my boss – she’s wonderful in every role. I’m in awe of her and strive to be like her – caring for people, creating beauty wherever I go, and learning made new skills. Sandi does not wait around for something to happen – she gets the party started.

Happy Birthday, Sandi – thank you for helping me become more creative and crafty – your generosity has helped me blossom like one of the flowers in your garden.

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2 Responses to “May 4 – Sweet and Sassy Birthday Girl: Sandi Gibson”

  1. Sonya on May 4th, 2007 10:44 am

    I would have to agree! Sandi is amazing and inspirational. I always feel energized and creative after hanging out with her! Happy birthday!

  2. sandi on January 29th, 2008 10:13 pm

    i am blushing….. your the greatest
    friend a girl can have, i miss you very much. i think it’s time for a trip to capitola.

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