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April 24th – First Sweet and Sassy Birthday Girl of the Day – Jane Evans

Posted on April 24, 2007 in the Real Beauty category

Today is Jane’s Birthday. She is one of my most cherished friends. She is sharing the Sweet and Sassy Birthday Girl of the Day but she is super sweet and sassy in her own right.

Again, to give shameless advertising to my book – “Real Beauty” – a quick synopsis can be found at the end of this post.

On to Jane – I introduced her in my 12 Days of Christmas (4 Calling Birds: but I have more to say – big surprise, I know!

Jane is beautiful because she is BRAVE. I don’t know anyone who tries new things, breaks new ground and does it all with so much class and style. She does not take the easy way out, and puts her heart and soul in everything she has attempted. When I talk to her – no matter if it’s for 3 minutes or 3 hours, I can see her soul shining like a beacon of light. I can see she is always looking for her purpose in all that she does – and in technology, in Silicon Valley, in the 21st Century, in sales is challenging. She is expressive and articulate even if she doesn’t think she knows what she is doing – she does!

To top off a full career path, Jane is well-traveled – again, she breaks new ground in her life. I know she probably soaks up the culture and embraces it. She does the same thing in her other areas of life.

What makes Jane so fabulous, is she is honest about what she is feeling. I don’t really think honesty is valued in our society. So this makes me feel alone sometimes when I’m struggling with different things. But Jane isn’t afraid to talk about what is happening. After our conversations, I don’t feel isolated or afraid. I feel connected – Jane embodies sisterhood – and I’m blessed to be a part of her circle.

Jane challenges herself outside of her comfort zone– she doesn’t go along with the crowd or do what is safe and secure. This is a scary spot sometimes to be alone out in the wilderness. But Jane gets out her machete and starts hacking down trees. And she succeeds every time. I admire her and cheer her on every step of the way.

When I was new out of college and I started one of my first “real” jobs at an alternative newspaper chain, I was nervous. Here were hip, alternative people that didn’t look very friendly. When I walked up the stairs, the first person I met was Jane. She stood up, shook my hand and started our friendship. She included me and made me feel welcome. She’s done it many times in my life.
We’ve worked at 4 jobs together and she has welcomed me to each one and is happy to see me. This has helped build my confidence over the years – I always know Jane will be supportive….and she is always ready to celebrate.

She organizes the best events, too – whether it’s a ladies weekend in Vegas or horseback riding for her birthday, Jane calls the party and people come running. Who doesn’t want to spend special time with Jane? One of the only things I miss about SF, is being closer to her. But who knows, we’ll end of working together again, I’m sure. All roads lead to Jane – and that is one heck of a time.

Cheers, Jane – I love you.

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