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The lords are still leaping…..

Posted on March 19, 2007 in the Inspiration category

Oh, i’m back all right – I’m sure my 2 fans are ecstatic (thanks mom and Rob) – I may have a 3rd fan, but I don’t want to count my chickens – besides this blog is about leaping lords, not chickens.

So when I left off a hundred years ago, I was bragging about my hubbie and my pops – 2 great men of any time. But I’m not done. I have some other great men to share with…well, myself….

My brother Eddie – so I wrote about Andy (hey, brother) in an earlier blog – but this is the other brother. Here’s what I admire most about him – he talks to everyone. He’s friendly to anyone (not just hot girls) and welcomes them into the conversation, no matter what. He’s not shy, but pretty generous with his time. He’s good with kids and he’s a nice guy.

He’s also very well-rounded – he tries all sorts of new adventures ( and he has good manners. He tries to fit into the environment and doesn’t try to make the environment fit him. That’s pretty cool.

Here’s one quick story – before I learned how to play golf, he took me to hit balls – he asked me if I wanted to try – didn’t push me – he told me I could be good and was nice about it, not pushy. So I took lessons and he took me out for my first official game – with his buddies, almost all men on the course. But you know what? He was really cool and didn’t boss me around. He probably knew how nervous I was but he coached me in a way that made me feel comfortable and confident. I used to cringe whenever I saw a man trying to teach a woman to golf – they are impatient and not very nice – but not my bro. I probably love golf so much because he helped me have some good experiences. Thanks, Spag-eddie.

My Papa Vern was a gentle and loving soul. He was so talented with wood – he could make anything – like my dad – and he loved us grandkids. He would make us the yummiest skinny pancakes – I can still smell them when he and my grandma visited from Washington. One time when my family went to WA and climbed Hurricane Mountain, I was being a brat (novel, I know) and didn’t want to walk by myself. He carried me a long way so I wouldn’t be tired. What a champ.

My Papa Harry was a true gentleman and a scholar – he was a college professor and always asked about what I was learning in school. He was a happy man – I remember his laugh so vividly – and he loved to read….just like me. He had such a strong faith and always wrote me letters telling me how much he was thinking about me and praying for me. He was generous with his time (always helping out at church) and loved my mom’s tacos (who doesn’t?). I was lucky to see him so many Sundays when he came over for dinner. He, like Papa Vern, was the perfect grandpa.

My Uncle Bob (my god father), is a pretty talented guy – he cooks the best food – chorizo, enchiladas, any kind of meat – and is an avid reader, too. He’s a dedicated dad and grandad and is quite a talented skier. He took me on my first ski trip and made sure I took lessons and that I was enjoying it. He and my Aunt Toni always made me feel welcome in their home – even when I show up last minute for Easter. They just move the chairs and pop another plate on the table. If you can have one of my Uncle’s homecooked meals, you will have a happy stomach. Yum!

My Uncle Andy (married to Aunt Lolly) was another hip cat. He played golf and wore the coolest black beret. I don’t ever remember him without a smile on his face. He always said, “boy oh boy” like he was always excited about what was happening. Even when he was very sick in the hospital, I don’t remember him being anything but smiling and interested in what everyone was saying. He and my Aunt Lol were the funnest couple (besides my parents – oh, and my husband and me – haha!).

My step-grandpa Bob is the most awesome guy I know. He’s been around the world and had an incredible life. I met him a few years ago but I love him fiercely. We were so lucky to spend a week with him in Mexico and few years back and the best times I had were sitting around, drinking rum and reading trashy novels with him. There aren’t too many cool cats around anymore, but he is the king. Though he’s on my husband’s side of the family, I think of him as my own grandpa and I have a huge soft spot for him in my heart.

A few other noteworthy dudes – my buddy Eric taught me the finer qualities of corporate behavior – whether we were smoking cigarettes and drinking beer in the office after hours, or yelling at each other before 8am. or being threatened to paying for lame mistakes that happened (did you know December does not have 30 days?) – it was never a dull moment when he’s around. He lives in Denver now with his lovely wife and 2 (hopefully wild and crazy) boys. But the best times I had at the ad agency I worked at were fighting, drinking and yelling with him.

My buddy Jay was my best friend in Pacifica – he was my first friend – and if it wasn’t for Jay, I wouldn’t have met my husband. Jay was a crybaby – but he had the biggest, most generous heart of anyone I’ve ever met. He would give away his shirt if someone (preferably a hot guy) asked for it. We would spend hours gossiping and laughing. I didn’t know I could laugh that much! Jay was so outrageous, and everyone loved him – you couldn’t help it – even if you tried. He was one of the purest souls and truest friends I’ve ever known.

Lastly, my buddy Sean is the FUNNEST guy everyone has ever met. And he knows EVERYONE. And from his myspace page ( – this says it all – all the hot chicks – but I know his dude friends are the most important. He’s a real catch, so I know some smart gal is going to snap him up – and she will be the lucky one.

The dudes are just as special as the ladies – I love them all the same – different but all grand. And they all have one thing in common….kristin! isn’t that fabulous!?!


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  1. eric on March 20th, 2007 3:15 pm

    Damn. I can’t believe i had to read through all that sappy stuff before getting to the cool part about me being a jerk and all.

  2. Ginger Nystrom on March 21st, 2007 11:21 am

    All these guys sound great to me. Kristin is very lucky to have so many inspirational men in her life.

  3. Eddie on March 21st, 2007 1:42 pm

    Thanks for the kind words Kristin. You know you wanted to play golf BECAUSE there were all guys there!

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