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More 9th Day Madness

Posted on September 14, 2006 in the Inspiration category

Isn’t it always after you say something that you think of more/better stuff to say? Well, that’s the story today – I have more…big surprise, I know.

So…as I continue to ponder the 9 Ladies Dancing thing, it reminds me of how much I LOVE musicals. I think they are the best kind of movies. Give me a musical over any other kind of film and I’m happy.

Maybe it’s because in my mind, my life is a musical – whatever – I don’t really think most movies should be made. I think taking a hard-luck story and exploiting it is wrong. I think taking a huge world catastrophe and making a movie is wrong. Most movies are about people treating other people badly. They are about hurting other people – about using violence and power to get your way.

I really think most movies are made to make money. That’s why they stink so bad. Movie stars are over-paid and they are revered for being good looking, skinny, dramatic and not really very nice to other people – and most of them do not have talent. (rant, rant, rant, I know!)

But in musicals….you HAVE to have talent – singing, dancing, playing an instrument, coordination, ALL of it – so fabulous. And I can watch them over and over. I’m not saying there’s not violence in musicals, but I think there’s so much more talent – and entertainment involved. I think the reason people don’t like musicals is that they are miserable and like to watch dark, violent, mean movies. Where’s their sunny side, their bright side, their happy feet?!

Since it’s my blog, I’m not going to end this on a fair note. I say Musicals rock – hahaa – and that’s that!


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