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On the Seventh Day of Christmas…..

Posted on February 21, 2006 in the Inspiration category

my true love gave to me……seven swans a swimming…..

Yes, I’m back and still celebrating Christmas if you don’t mind….my tiny tree and 2 candles (my decorations) are still up so officially it’s still the season. And I’m raring to go!

So- sevens swans a swimming – this means MOVE YOUR BODY – I mean – MOVE MY BODY! Activity is the most important and best gift you can give your body. There’s nothing better than getting my body going. I love to walk, do videos, play sports, skate, ride bikes (if I ever find the dolt who stole my bike), golf DANCE and SWIM. Those are my two faves.

I was born to dance. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than dance. I live in a perpetual music video in my mind. Don’t you? I feel so good when I shake my groove thing. Even when I”m feeling down or sick or crampy – once I turn on music, all is better. One year I wrote DANCER as my occupation on my taxes….

And swimming – I love water more than anything. I try to swim at the gym on the weekends but I”m challenged with people that swim in my lane and do their exercises in the middle of the pool. I try to bless them but I really just end of kicking them – oopsie! Swimming in the ocean is the one thing I miss the most (besides my parents) about SoCA – I love riding the waves.

Whatever – what is comes down to is this – the only way to be a healthy adult (I will surely become one someday) is to keep moving. I have a bad back and walking and working out is the only cure. I don’t want to do any of that therapy hooey (well, it’s not hooey, but I like to use that word). I like to do activities that I can do forever. So no extreme mountain biking or rock climbing or bungee jumping. Those don’t turn me on – but give me a long walk on the beach, a nice relaxing bike ride on an old Schwinn, or building sand castles, even cleaning the house, nice leisurely laps in the pool, or a good hour of Zumba or Walk Away the Pounds and I’m happy – I’m breathing, letting go of stress and blessing the world.

It’s so funny to me that SF is a workout mecca – everyone doing something – but people are still crabby and rude and impatient – why is that? With all the energy being mustered and released, you would think it would be Utopia.

One of my million dollar ideas would be to be able to hook up our appliances and fans and heaters and cars and phones and fridges and stuff to a workout machine of anyone’s choice – I like the treadmill and the ergonomic thingie with the handle bars you push while you glide ( you know what I mean) and create the power used to run all of it. That coupled with solar power would be able to fuel a lot of things. Then I can create my own power and not have to put the EArth in any more danger than we already do. I bet we’d be thinner and a lot happier in this country if we could do this. What do you think?

Anyway, I don’t want to be a lazy, chubby, crabby old lady – I want to be sexy and happy and kind and fun – by dancing and golfing and swimming and all that, I will be.

Don’t you love Christmas in February – it’s never too late or early to count your blessings – and heck, the holiday decorations get put up earlier and earlier every year – who’s to say it’s not allright to celebrate now?!


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