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On the fifth day of Christmas….

Posted on December 17, 2005 in the Inspiration category

my true love gave to me…five golden rings…

On the fifth day of Christmas….

my true love gave to me…five golden rings…

My honey and I were married in August. It was a grand shindig to be sure. And though we really wanted it to be a small affair, we definitely wanted to share it with a few very special people. I will call them the Five Golden Rings – 5 witnesses – 5 married folks.

On my sweetie’s side, we had his brother, Steve and my brother, Andy. On my side, I had my cousin, Katie, my long-time friend, Susie, and my brother’s wife (my new sister), Carrie.

I’ll start with my cousin, and maid of honor, Katie. We were raised like sisters. And I never appreciate her enough. She knows who she is and she doesn’t try to be anybody else. She works hard to make everyone smile and have a good time. And she just plain works hard! She’s the foxiest mama I know – I hope I look that good when I have kiddies. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help guide and support me through my engagement and wedding. I’m glad to know her, love her and I darn well respect her.

My new sister Carrie is another truly genuine person. She acts tough but I know there is a heart of gold underneath. I’ve never seen her act fake – even though she talks a good game, she’d never really want to hurt anybody. I admire those qualities in her. She’s holds a lot inside her that she slowly lets other people see. And I’m honored that she has trusted me and become my friend besides my sister! I admire her creativity – I always get great ideas from her. I think she can make anything, even the simplest couch or wall, look absolutely fabulous.

One of my oldest friends, Susie, is the most loyal person I know. She is not appreciated by her friends – and I’m grateful to have her in my life. It was random that we met and became close, but it’s a blessing that we’ve kept in touch for so long. I’ve never seen anyone take to motherhood so naturally as she – her 2 beautiful kids are lucky to have the coolest mellow cruiser as a mom. And I’m glad she’s on my side. She’s always calm and laid back, but she’s good to the core.

Steve, my new brother, is a quiet soul. He’s so darn smart, but I’ve never heard him brag or act better than anybody. He’s the best listener. I drag on and on, and I can tell he’s paying attention. He holds a lot on his shoulders and tries to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Those are great qualities and I only hope I can be a good sister to him. I promise not to talk so much – because he has a lot to say!

Lastly, my brother, Andy, is one of my favorite brothers – haha! He has always encouraged my crazy music tastes and doesn’t make fun of me. He’s a great brother – he never really picked on me too much and always played with me – cards, barbies, board games – and even let me ruin all his stuff. Both my brothers are pretty good sports and always let me tag along with them. Whatever they did, I wanted to do. I see my brother doing what he wants to do – and doesn’t sell out to make more money or get famous or climb up the corporate ladder. He does what makes him happy.

I’m so lucky to know these golden rings. They’ve been good examples to me – and have all been generous with their time and their gifts. I don’t see any of them on a daily basis but each hold a place in my life and in my heart. I think that makes them more dear to me. Sometimes I don’t know who could put up with me, but when I think about each of them, I know I must be pretty okay.

Hasta la vista….


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