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Posted on December 16, 2005 in the Inspiration category

my true love gave to me….four calling birds….

Calling birds…..this reminds me of girlfriends — talking on the phone catching up, listening, consoling, sharing, crying, laughing — and I know some beautiful women that I’m proud to call friends. The funny thing is I always considered myself a loner — someone on the outside just a little behind everyone else. And so I thought myself lucky that some pretty awesome women invited me to things. Like I was their mascot. But I was wrong – these women are my friends, my peers, my sisters and I’m one of them. So I’m going to do a little roll call and put it in print once and for all why I love these women. (Katie, you are on tomorrow for Day 5 so don’t get your panties in a bundle – haha)

One thing all these women (and the women of Day 5) have in common is that when I look at each one of them, I see a bit of myself. They are like mirrors – and for so many years I felt too small to be in their presence – but now I know they are a reflection of me and my good qualities ( not in a narcissistic way) and I deserve their friendship.

Lady S (I love Freaks and Geeks)
Okay – this is one of the MOST under appreciated, generous, fun woman I know. She’s my boss and I’ve known her for about 10 years. And I’ve never seen anyone put their lives, needs, to-do lists aside so quickly to help someone than she.

She has taught me the true meaning of believing the best about people and taught me the true meaning of compassion. She hangs in there with you in thick and thin. In all the time I’ve known her, I’ve never seen her be downright mean to anyone. She gets frazzled, stressed, sad – whatever – but can always pick herself up and find a happy place faster than ANYONE.

I don’t know who can be in her company for more than 5 minutes and not love her to death. She would drive to another state if you asked her. She would sit up with you if you needed her. And that’s why I love her.

And she is only person I would have come out of Technology/Publishing/Media retirement for – I was never going back…..haha – now I’m going back into sales to stay working with her.

Lady J
From the moment I met her 12 or 13 years ago, I knew she was special – funny, fun, smart, sharp and the kind of women everyone wants to party with. She has the best pioneer spirit of anyone I know. She has always been the one to break new ground and march ahead without looking back. I admire the fact that she is so honest about what she is going thru – and how she struggles with it – not too many people can do that. She is brave but realistic. And I’ve never had deeper conversations with anyone else.

She’s been my colleague, my friend, my boss, my colleague, my friend, my boss, etc, etc. – we’ve worked at 4 jobs together and I’ve never felt more peace knowing our lives are tangled together. She’s made me question the things I do and the beliefs I have – but I don’t feel she is judging me – just helping me see myself. And she’s a kick ass hostess.

Lady S the second
This women is another crafty chick like Lady S the first. She has taught me the spirit of generosity and hard work. No one works harder at more things than S2. She is a rock – and someone I’m glad is on my side. I don’t even know how we became friends. She showed up one day at the Advertising Agency where I was working and like 2 seconds later, I couldn’t get rid of her. Nor did I want to – she is the godmother of Pistachio (my turtle). I didn’t even know I wanted a turtle. But that’s her – she just knows what I need. And that’s her forte – she asks for advice, listens and takes it to heart. Usually people ask for advice and then ignore it – well, at least my advise. But not S2. Even better, she can quote your advice for years. She has a steel brain – but I always know she has my back.

I owe her so much – more than I can ever say – for coordinating my wedding day. It was the best wedding – because of her. And she gives great advice, too. And it doesn’t come from an egotistical place – it’s genuine, loving and honest. And she plays a mean game of monopoly!

Lady A
This is one of the most fun, funny and best roommates ever. I really didn’t like living with anybody but she was a riot. She turned me on to my favorite show, Absolutely Fabulous and we were Patsy and Eddie all over Santa Cruz. Lady A taught me how to have a good time and not take my career so seriously. And no one ever ever ever sang me karaoke the way she did. What a beautiful and tall woman she is – so much so that when we used to go into bars, men would elbow me aside to get to her – true story – but who cares, the party was where she was. She’s been around the world and falls into good luck wherever she is – even halfway across the globe! But she never gets snobby or haughty and is always glad to see me – no matter how long it is between our visits. I miss her so much and hope she moves back to the Bay Area where she belongs. Life is just a little bit duller when she’s not around to spice it up! But what I appreciate most about her, is she taught my turtle the facts of life – thank you very much!

Gads – I have a lot to say – well, these women rock…..

Year 2004 New Ladies….
This year I met 2 outstanding women thru my volunteering – Lady N and Lady S3. Both have become important to me and I’m better for having met them. Lady N is sassy, smart and a kick to be around and Lady S3 is one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met. Together they’ve been 2 very important additions to my beautiful women collection.

Year 2005 Ingenues….
Thru my job, I’ve met 2 more lovely ladies – young they be but I have grown to like them a lot – to admire and respect them and play one of my new most favorite games – PhotoHunt (we are still #1 at Steff’s). Lady B and Lady S4 both have good hearts, strong wills and I’m very attached to them.

The Ladies of Our Lady…
Finally, I want to mention 3 women I’ve known most of my life. They taught me how to have fun, how to swear, drink, let loose and ride skates down the steepest hills I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet. I don’t see any of them very often but Lady S5, Lady T and Lady L will always be my best (and craziest) memories of my childhood.

And lastly – Lady J – I don’t know where she fits in but this lady may be young but her soul is deep, her heart is wide, her strength and convictions are solid and her laugh is rich. If I ever had to pick a younger sister, she would be it. She’d make me look bad for sure (she’s a dynamo in everything she does) but that’s okay, I love her a lot. We’ve been volunteering together for many years (since she was just a little thing) and I look up to her.

Okay – I think that’s it for now. I’m truly the luckiest girl to be blessed knowing lot of fantastic ladies, and I will surely mention the rest in the days to come.

Girls rule!


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