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Sassy Silver Seniors

Posted on December 2, 2011 in the category | 1 Comment

I love the holidays.

Actually, I love the memory of my younger holidays spent with my awesome relatives — the hippest cats that ever graced this Earth. I treasured the hoopla with all of us crowded around  yummy cocktail wieners, salami, cheese & Ritz crackers laughing, the noisy poker games where I helped bet and threw pennies / chips into the anti (I still adore those plastic poker chips), and time spent huddling w/ my swanky Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents (and Parents) who were role models of the kind of person I want to be when I grow up (someday) — fun, hilarious, adventurous, generous & wise.

I have a soft-spot for the older crowd. I love to dance with them, go to tuba & dixie concerts with them,  drink cocktails with them, cook for them, listen to their adventures, flirt with them & make them feel special.

And it really burns my cookies when I see them mistreated, forgotten or disrespected. Sad to say I’ve experienced this a bit over the last few months — yelling when someone is driving slow; speed racing through busy parking lots; honking when a car doesn’t leap into traffic when a light turns; getting impatient when someone takes a long time picking out groceries or pushing their cart down the aisle — AHHHHH!

I almost chased a car down to give a mean bloke an aikido knife back hand elbow roundhouse chop chop for almost running us down, yelling AND honking at us in a parking lot. That’s when I knew I had to do something about it.

So I’m starting the “Something Sweet for Seniors” silver ribbon extravaganza awareness movement community foundation — for all you lovelies who melt my heart everyday.

Here is a link to the Sassy Silver Senior Posts…

I’ll be sharing all the great opportunities to support these superstars during the holidays (and beyond).

It comes down to 3 super duper easy peasy ways:

1 – Act:  How I can change my behavior to make the community safer & more welcoming for the Sassy Silvers.

2 – Give: What I can donate (money, clothes, supplies, food) if I don’t have a lot of extra time or resources.

3 – Help: Where I can volunteer (visit, serve, cook, deliver ) if I do have a little free time and want to spend it helping Seniors.

Link to the Sassy Silver Senior Posts…

AND…I’ll be wearing a Silver ribbon everyday to promote my little ditty movement. I encourage you to wear one of your own, too. I’ll have extras on my person in case one of my 5 readers wants one, too. Huzzah!

What do I expect to happen? Who can say, but I would like to be an advocate for the Sassy Silver Seniors. I want to gather and share some of the incredible programs, events, fundraisers and gift drives that happen especially during the holidays.

If you’d like a Silver ribbon of your own, drop me a line at & I’ll pop one in the post toot suite.

Lastly, avid fans of the Sassy Assassin (hahaha), if you know of any events or programs that are happening, please share them here, too. I’ll give you a special shout out and a Silver ribbon to thank you.

Here’s a video of my story — and I’m sticking to it –Up up and away!!!

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One Response to “Sassy Silver Seniors”

  1. Carol on December 4th, 2011 3:07 pm

    I congratulate you for you awareness of us old folks!! I get a little testy when I am encountered by and older person [probably my age]. I have a silver bow that I will put on my coat so I will wear it when I go out and explain why I do. Love you so much.

    Love, AC Missy

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