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In Celebration of Veganuary, Something Sweet & Sassy Chili!

Posted on December 7, 2009 in the Uncategorized category

A cool bloke I know, Mal (@Afficionados_HH and purveyor of fine wallpaper & fabric – has inspired me to participate in Veganuary!

I do the “Vegan-essque” thing now — 3/4 Vegan — because the food is so magnificently delicious in Australia and Meat/Cheese seems to be sprinkled like yummy fairy dust into most dishes, bbq’s, etc.

But I’m ready for a little more action. I weaned myself off cheese earlier this year (hardest habit to break EVER!) and only have it occasionally – even Dominos delivers my pizzas with no cheese. HORRAY!

To kick off the pre-Veganuary festivities, I am sharing my super secret Sweet & Sassy Chili recipe. I like to eat this for lunch most days. Easy to keep a pot in the fridge for quick fixes.

In a frypan:
Vegie Delite Vegie Mince from Coles
Olive Oil
Spring Onions
Fresh Mushrooms

Once that is browned, add with the following items in a saucepan:
Red Kidney Beans (2 cans)
4 Bean Mix (1 can)
Fresh or Frozen Corn
Capsicum (I like to add a few different kinds for taste and make it look pretty)
Chili Con Carne Seasoning (sometimes with the Mexican food ingredients)
Pasta Sauce (I like Herbs & Spices in Red Wine or Garlic)
Can of Tomatoes (you decide which kind you prefer)
Minced Garlic

You can add more or less ingredients depending on how big your pot is. Let simmer for about 20 minutes but stir continuously as the mince sometimes sticks to the bottom.

It’s easy, simple, delicious & healthy.

Viola, it’s Chili – happy Veganuary!


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