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Two Alarm Sweet (& Sassy) Potato Veggie Burgers

Posted on June 8, 2009 in the Uncategorized category

I’ll just start by saying, this is quite yummy – I’ve done it again, if I do say so myself! But since I’m one of the only ones that reads this, I can say as many wonderful things about me that I like.

I call this little ditty “two alarm” because I set off the fire alarm twice while I was cooking. Robbo says he knows when dinner is ready because the alarm warns him it’s time to eat.

I did not fail this time – but these turned out so yummy, I was quickly forgiven – horray for me!

Here’s the scoop:

400 – 500 grams of cooked sweet potatoes (about a cup)
400 – 500 grams of cooked chickpeas (I soak dry chickpeas overnight and boil in hot water until tender)
Heat red onion, fresh basil and garlic in a fry pan under onions are cooked
Mash all ingredients with a shredded large carrot (or a few smaller)
Add spices: I like cayenne pepper, cumin, italian herbs (including thyme, sage and rosemary).

From here, you can add flour, ground sunflower seeds, shredded cheese or an egg – the flour and/or egg will help these stay together. I didn’t add anything to keep this a vegan dish.

Once you mush the ingredients together, form patties – you can either bake them or fry on the stove top with olive oil (hence the fire alarm).

Once they are cooked, they are a little flimsy but still super good. I like mine either wrapped in a lettuce leaf with cut tomatoes, mustand and ketchup, or served with sauteed mushrooms, cut tomatoes, mustard and ketchup.

If they fall apart too much, serve as a wrap in a tortilla – you can add vegan cheese, too.

You can put leftovers in the fridge. They taste better the second day since they’ve now marinated overnight.

FYI – I did NOT set off the fire alarm the second night – so I had that going for me, which is nice.

Bon appetit!


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