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On the 9th day of Advent Sydney gave to me…an Easy Aussie Move to our Apartment

Posted on December 11, 2008 in the Uncategorized category

I will break from what is becoming quite a gallery of glittery snaps to bring you some straight scoop.

I had a lot to do to get us ready to come here. It was lofty, to pack it up and ship us out in under a month. We laughed, we cried, we a lot of Dominos and drank a lot of wine.

Amazingly, it went pretty smoothly. Well, there were a lot of glitches (see my blog in January for the beginning of “The Chronicles of Australia” where I will tell you the honest to heaven truth about what YOU need to do to get to Oz and enjoy it), but we did it.

By the time we arrived in Sydney, I was ready for A LOT of trouble getting a pad and setting up shop. I imagined us living in a hotel eating saltines and drinking pop wearing dirty clothes for months while we looked at 30 apartments to find one that fit our budget, got approved, got a bank account, paid a deposit in AUS dollars, got electricity, got dsl, blah, blahbity, blah….BUT THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN!

On our third day here, I saw 3 apartments, loved the 3rd, filled out the application, brought my husband to meet the real estate lady and was approved that afternoon to move in 1 week later. WOW – the place is awesome, too. We have a view, 2 bedrooms, fully-furnished bungalow with a stupendous deck. Heaven, I tell you. So I thought, beginners luck, right?

I figured it would be H-E-double-hockey-sticks to get utilities, dsl, phone, water and garbage – NOOOOOO. Water and garbage were included – what a treat! I haven’t had that covered since I lived with my wonderful folks…still going well…but I thought – we’ll NEVER get utilities, phone and dsl without bank accounts, credit history and work history – I was WRONG – I called one place On the Move Pty Ltd and FOR FREE they set up EVERYTHING for us.

WHERE IS THAT SERVICE AT HOME??!!! One place – one single place – one place to set up all my utilities – one place – that’s the place to caaaaallllll (Bye Bye Birdie anyone? Ann Margaret would get this!)

So a week later, with 11 suitcases and golf clubs (10 mine – 1 hubba hubbies) we made berth at our new home.

It was pretty spotless (usually I have to clean behind the fridge, under the oven and in the corners) and we pay our rent automatically with an easy pay card through the real estate agency – how cool is that?

To top it off – most telly channels are free. We don’t need cable – but we could have signed up for that at the same time as the others.

Thanks, Australia – for welcoming us and making it easy for us to make a cozy home – I love A.U.- WE LOVE IT! (thanks, Randy Newman)


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