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On the 12th Day of Christmas…CORRECTED, duh!

Posted on July 23, 2006 in the Inspiration category

My True love gave to me…..Twelve Drummers Drumming

This day reminds of the importance of marching to my own drum. To find out what I am really good at and what I enjoy, and pursuing that. It means living with integrity and dignity and not to go along with the crowd just because it will be easier or ensure a promotion, a raise, recognition, acceptance and awards. I think this path is rocky and sometimes lonely and frustrating, but I think it’s better to learn who I truly am, what I want and accept myself.

Believe me, I’ve gotten in more trouble by not going along with the crowd. By being honest and telling the truth. I don’t think people really want to hear the truth – but I will tell them anyway. It’s a little selfish, I guess, because I believe in justice. But I’m trying not to be so honest and just smile and say “Oh, really…is that right….that’s interesting.” Because I don’t really know what they are going through – I want to have more compassion and less cynicism. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I struggle with accepting myself sometimes because I can find so many things wrong with myself on any given day. But I still like myself and strive to accept myself with my imperfect traits. and finding my unique purpose; and being genuine.

I think my purpose is to help people and make them smile and laugh. I think building bridges is the most important job – to build community. And though I experience a lot of hopelessness – people being rude, throwing trash, being mean, etc. – I still want to believe that most people are trying to do the same. That’s why I go to church – it’s the one place I can find where I feel more hope in one place. Like I hope everyone comes because they want to be better, find peace, and help others.

I think my other purpose is to dance.


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