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Appending the Eighth Day of Christmas….

Posted on July 23, 2006 in the Inspiration category

Christmas in July…..and still skipping on the eighth day of Christmas – there are so many other mother’s who have inspired me. I want to mention them now and get on with the rest of Christmas – by now I’m so freakin’ jolly and filled with the holidays that I don’t even recognize my dark side anymore. Darth Rohan and the former Kristin Meanstrom may have disappeared….especially since we just moved to Capitola and are living the ultimate beach lifestyle. I’ll try to muster up some sarcasm and cynicism every now and again.

But not now…’s the supporting cast of moms and a brief introduction. If you want to know them better (and I highly encourage it), watch for my book – about the real qualities of beauty as I learned them from most of these lovely ladies….
Aunt Lolly – my great aunt and inspiration for my book. She was the kindest person I ever met. She was always interested in anything you told her – she would say “Is that right” like she never heard anything like it before. I always felt important and relevant no matter what I shared with her.

Grandma Kate – my mom’s mom – who was so elegant and feisty. She reminded me of a movie star and she liked to play cards. I don’t remember her too much but I know my mom is like her – that’s why I can imagine she was as fun at my mom is.

Aunt Toni – my mom’s sister – she is always put together so nicely and is always interested in EVERYTHING you have to say. She loves the details and loves everything to look pretty – just like I do. I always imagine her looking at everything as a beautiful package – whether she is wrapping it up in gorgeous ribbons or opening the pretty paper to see what’s inside. She is always excited to see what will happen.

Aunt Carol – my dad’s sister – the most welcoming hostess I’ve ever met. Doesn’t matter what time of day or what she has to do. If there is a person in need of a place to sit down, she clears a place and welcomes everyone into her presence. Everyone is treated like a special guest. Who doesn’t love that?!

So that is the short list – this is where beauty lives – in each of these women. And they share their best qualities generously and lovingly. I’m humbled to be related to them and grateful for knowing them.


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