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On the Eighth Day of Christmas….

Posted on March 25, 2006 in the Inspiration category

My true love gave to me…..eight maids a milking…

In addition to my Calling Birds and Golden Rings, I am blessed to have many “mature” women in my life who have been instrumental in how I have grown up to be a good woman. They are beautiful for many reasons, but there is really ONE quality that sticks out to make them GORGEOUS.

These women below have inspired me to write a book about real beauty – how they’ve helped me really believe that beauty comes from inside. And because I’ve always had self image challenges, this has been especially important for me to accept myself and the beautiful women around me (and all women are beautiful when they believe they are beautiful).

This will be shameless plugging for each of them but they deserve everyone (all 3 people who read my blog and my turtle) to know how absolutely fantastic they are.

Mumsy Ginger:
Always first, and always foremost, is my mom – Ginger. I guess the best thing I can say about her is that I’m proud to become just like her – I used to think that was the worst thing that could happen but I see myself acting like her, reacting like her and it makes me so proud that I will be just like Ginger. Everyone loves her – she is always interested in everybody and isn’t a bragger.

The quality I love most about her is that she is very generous. She is nice to everyone, is a great listener, and never picks a fight (except with me – haha just kidding). She was a teacher for 30ish years but she never got lazy about it. She always tried new things, looked for new ideas and didn’t skimp on her lessons. I admire that about her – she always put her best face on and put her best foot forward.

She never wants me to worry about stuff – funny how I became such a worrier in my youth – she always said that most things were not worth worrying about. And she’s right. She always helped me – no matter what – even if she didn’t agree with my shenanigans. She was always there no matter what I said or did. She’s never boring to be around – that’s why I like to hang out with my parents – both of them are so interesting. And she’s always ready for a party – but I’ve never seen her degrade anyone – she’s decent, nice, funny, charming – a true lady. I can’t wait to grow up and be just like my mom!

Grandma Catherine:
So here I am in the Seattle airport on March 6, 2006 having just attended my Grandma Catherine’s funeral – so this is a little late – oopsie – but never too late to tell everyone (3 fans turtle) what a great lady she was and will always live in my heart. She lived in Port Gamble most of her life and she was the most energetic person I’ve ever known. She was a giving, strong, tenacious, very active, and loving grandma. She was always doing things – she was fantastic at crafts – sewing, quilting, embroidery, cooking, and baking – ALL OF IT! She’s my inspiration to improve my own skills.

She was always ready to help – even when she was a guest and was supposed to be relaxing – she didn’t. And as stubborn as she was, she was able to go with the flow, too – I can’t do her justice – but she didn’t try to push people into doing things they didn’t want to do – and she didn’t want other people to push her. So she treated others as she wanted to be treated….and that is an admirable quality. I wish I could do that more.

She was always a kid at heart – she never thought she was old – and she never was. Even when she had to be put into a retirement home at the age of 90 – she didn’t stop moving, walking, exploring, or trying to escape. She always had a mischievous twinkle in her eye – like she was in cahoots with someone for her next adventure. And I wish I could’ve taken her on one last adventure. But I know, wherever she is, she’s marching faster than anyone around her – making her own rules and having a good laugh.

Mumsy-in-law Jen:
So now I have a mum-in-law. I was always nervous about getting one, especially since they get such a bad wrap. But I got a super fabulous one! I was scared she wouldn’t like me (based on my experience with other mothers who were more than protective of their sons) but she does – horray! And I couldn’t ask for a more generous, wise, beautiful and witty one (just like my own mom).

Jen raised 2 of the nicest sons – of course I am biased – but I can see Jen’s influence in Rob – his wisdom, his patience, his humbleness, his humor, his concern, his generous spirit – all stem from her. And she is so fair. When we call to get her advice (just like everyone else on the planet), I know she will listen to both our sides and give an objective opinion – even though I know I’m right most of the time. She tries to be bureaucratic so Rob’s feelings aren’t hurt (just kidding – kind of).

She’s an artist – from her garden, to her painting, to her clothes, to her tastes – she’s so eclectic. Her true beauty is her warmth, love and creativity. It exudes from her that you can almost see it. I look forward to visiting her – she and Rick are such fabulous hosts and cooks. It’s always something different and exciting.

She’s so in tune with nature. It’s perfect that she is a nurse practitioner. I can imagine her being a medicine woman in a former life because healing and growing are her true callings.

I really am the luckiest girl. I have the two best moms in the world!

Stay tuned for more gushing…..


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